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Drift and racing has never been so fun! Real City Car simulator gives you the chance to become the ultimate drift racer.

Drive your car in the vast city and desert environment while drifting. Got sick of traffic rush in real world? Enjoy the highway and off-roads with no to little traffic.

- 3D open city
- Real car physics
- True drift experience
- Free to play

Real City Racer APK reviews

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Bossie vlogs review Bossie vlogs
Bug g
Aruna V review Aruna V
We should drive properly
A Google user review A Google user
Boring???????????????????To slow to drive
A Google user review A Google user
Jack-o-son review Jack-o-son
Great game
jackson munyoki review jackson munyoki
محمد علیاری review محمد علیاری
A Google user review A Google user
The game is okay, its a lot of fun but lacks content, there is only one car and the city is incredibly small, all ruined by the fact that there is only one mode in the entire game. gameplay does get boring and repetitive at times, its incredibly frustrating landing your car on its roof and having to restart the whole level all over again. Its not a bad game by any means, but I got bored after 7minuites of playing. If there were more content I could lift it to 4 stars, otherwise its a 3 stars from me.
Kayleigh Barton review Kayleigh Barton
This app is OK for me but the buttuns are useless and the when u press the stop buttun it does not work till a minute
Nathan Hammerling review Nathan Hammerling
This game needs some more work on it. Is good for the small world generation and the temporary escape in to your own personal world. Traffic would be a huge step. I noticed the highway of to the left from the spawn isn't complete yet. Sharing when the car feel of the world is off. Other than that is an OK have at best
Jessica Odom review Jessica Odom
This game sucks because I can't even play every time I get on a different emotion unfortunately this game has stopped so I don't like it and its a dumb game and believing what you do not get it get it
Matsemela Sefatsa review Matsemela Sefatsa
A game is real but I didn't drive through b/cause of poor knowledge of controls.
Zak Pham review Zak Pham
This is an awesome simulation especially when you listen to ?Highway to Hell?! Really fun to pass the time. Add sone traffic then this'll be a lot more fun
Seven Mclane review Seven Mclane
It is OK because the other games I had they I can FIX your car but this one you can't.
Jazmin Sweeney review Jazmin Sweeney
Hate it Don't get it sucks gross