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Realm of Ignis™ is a turn-based RPG about epic heroes in a magical world.

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Offers Free
Version 0.86
Developer Valrok
Category Games, Role Playing
ID com.valrok.realmofignis
Requirements 7.0

Realm of Ignis™ 0.86 APK description

Realm of Ignis™ is a new turn-based fantasy RPG about a team of epic heroes fighting to overcome harsh challengers in order to become the best and most powerful in a fantastic magical world.

Form your own squad of heroes and discover their strengths and weaknesses in order to achieve victory in epic turn-based battles.

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Realm of Ignis™ latest version

Collect and level up your heroes, buy, sell, complete quests and improve your items to grow in power.
More than 150+ levels, 200+ items and 32 different heroes.

⭐⭐⭐Realm of Ignis gameplay⭐⭐⭐

⚔️ Lead your team into quick and tactical turn-based battles where every choice matters⚔️

Master the skill of attacking, defending and resting in order to overcome epic battles!

⚔️ Turn-based Combat ⚔️
Action Point System - casting powerful spells has a cost ⚡️ All heroes gain 1 AP pr. turn
Defend System🛡️ - reduce incoming damage taken by 50%
Rest - instantly ends your turn to gain additional AP next turn ⚡️
Element System - each hero has an elemental type
Elemental Types - Fire, Water, Earth and Air.

⚔️ Elemental Effectiveness ⚔️
Fire effective against Air, but less effective against Water.
Water effective against Fire, but less effective against Earth.
Earth effective against Water, but less effective against Air.
Air effective against Earth, but less effective against Fire.

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Download (118.84 MB)

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0.86 (2 variants) Bundles arm64_v8a_23057098.apk Android 7+ 2022-06-27 (6 days ago)
0.85 (3 variants) Bundles arm64_v8a_23036618.apk Android 7+ 2022-06-13 (2 weeks ago)
0.84 (2 variants) Bundles arm64_v8a_23048906.apk Android 7+ 2022-05-30 (1 month ago)
0.83 Universial Android 7+ 2022-05-28 (1 month ago)
0.81 Bundles armeabi_v7a_21369556.apk Android 7+ 2022-05-27 (1 month ago)
0.80 Bundles arm64_v8a_22422218.apk Android 8+ 2022-05-26 (1 month ago)