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Have you ever missed an important notification shown in your device status bar?
No worries! Recent Notification can safely store them for you. Relax and read them when you find time.
Find out which applications are spamming annoying notifications and uninstall them.

- Notifications are grouped by application.
- Read the full details of notifications in the same style shown on the status bar. (e.g. inbox, big and regular style)
- Easily filter notifications by day.
- Swipe to remove notifications as a group or individually.
- Automatically deletes old notifications on a specified days limit.
- Tap the notifications to launch the respective application.
- User interface developed using Material Design.

To read notifications, enable notification access on device settings.
No in-app permissions required while install or to run this application.

More Information:
- For your security privacy, this application will not read notifications posted by system applications.
- Ongoing notifications posted by music or any other apps will not be saved to spare device storage.

- Notifications saved on this application cannot be read by anyone.
- No internet access is required to use this application. This guarantees that your notifications are stored only on your device.

Recent Notification APK reviews

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Ervan Prayogo review Ervan Prayogo
This app doesn't work in my phone. Unable to receive notification..
Cintana Forever review Cintana Forever
Jelek banget (i dont like it)
Zanti Blue review Zanti Blue
People, you have to grant the app access. Works as described, human error notwithstanding. Jebus.
Elly Elly Ekmar review Elly Elly Ekmar
This apps is very good
Dicky Harahap review Dicky Harahap
When i pay thiss app, notification stopped, only blank page, im using Mi6
Afif Arridho review Afif Arridho
Coba dulu
Bagus Hendra Yuswantoro review Bagus Hendra Yuswantoro
nothing notification
Harmaein review Harmaein
dian anggaS review dian anggaS
Mariyanto o review Mariyanto o
Steven Okeke review Steven Okeke
This comes in really handy. It is one of does spps that you realize you made a sound decision downloading even though you really don't use it as often. It is to notification, what dumpster is to deleted apps and files.???
iamAzman review iamAzman
So far so good. I wish there would be setting that manage only some apps rather than all apps. But still its amazing just now
Cristov Russell review Cristov Russell
Tried on tablet and phone. Doesn't detect any notifications.
Works perfectly and does exacty what it claims. The widget is pretty sweet too - although it could do with more colour options for the theme (specifically a transparent option). Can't determine whether ther delete options delete notifications from the device or just the app though - would be good to know.