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Recordify Voice Recorder
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Recordify - Voice recorder and bookmarker

Recordify is bookmark app for your voice recordings. It lets you put bookmarks on important moments when recording the voice and you can come back to those important moments again easily afterwards. It has beutifully designed player and recorder within it, as well.

With recordify, you can put bookmarks on your recordings. Never lose ony important points.

Some great ides for using it:
★ On an interview, whenever an important topic is discussed, just put a bookmark on it.
★ On a lecture, whenever the lecturer talks about exam topics, just put a bookmark on it.
★ On a first date, whenever she talks, just put a bookmark on it.
Ok, the last one was nonsense, but in any important moment of your life, just put a bookmark on it :)

Moreover, just put more bookmarks on it when...
★ Personal voice notes
★ Important voice memos
★ Group discussions
★ Business meetings
★ Brainstorming sessions
★ Interviews
★ Talks
★ Speeches
★ Practices for a presentation
★ Classes
★ Lectures
★ Concerts
★ Band practices
★ Song ideas
★ How you sing or play a guitar
★ You friend’s karaoke solo
★ Favorite songs and music
★ Regular day of your babysitter
★ Sermons

Some of the features:
- Voice recorder with a simple and wonderful ui
- Put bookmarks on important moments of your voice records
- Categorize bookmarks like important, flashing or exam topic *
- Add bookmarks using floating widget *
- Recording with high quality.
- Skip silence *
- Format file: aac, mp3, ogg *
- Play, pause, stop audio file.
- Send/Share your recording. *
- Delete your recording right from the app.
- Save the recording file.
- live audio spectrum
- mp3 encoding with adjustable sample rate (8-44 kHz)
- recording in background (even when display is off)
- save/pause/resume/cancel recording process control
- easy to use recordings list
- send/share a recording via email, sms, mms, facebook, whatsapp, dropbox, etc. *
- record by internal or external microphone *

* features marked with * will be added soon

Recordify Voice Recorder APK reviews

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Ozgur Akya review Ozgur Akya
Şahin Batmaz review Şahin Batmaz
It has great potential but needs some small develeopments.
Noor Ahmad review Noor Ahmad
Amazing application for recording voice and bookmarking important points when recording.
Menaf Kasap review Menaf Kasap
The best recorder in the market, great design, thanks
Ahmet Zorer review Ahmet Zorer
Beautifully designed voice recorder. You can put bookmarks on important moments in records. Awesome.
Mustafa Haluk AYDIN review Mustafa Haluk AYDIN
Great app. Good voice quality