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Cathleen Macafity review Cathleen Macafity
Thanks to one of the more recent reviews I was finally able to use the system... NOTE... if you are a Samsung user and you cannot find the ADVANCE SETTINGS, you must hold your back button and the advance setting window pops up at the bottom... You can put your companies name there and the enter your information
Prudence LaFerney review Prudence LaFerney
Can't access company or even find advanced settings. It takes you to log in that's all,it's no better than the regular sight which doesn't work well either. I have to do everything at work and can't do it from my cell or tablet. Not convenient
Tabitha Lafferty review Tabitha Lafferty
I cannot login bc I cannot enter my company's ID through the Advanced section as I was directed. The section is simply not sowing in the app. If I try to login anyway, it tells me I need yo input my company's ID in the Avanced section, and around the circle we go. I did email support, but it's been over a week with no response.
Miky 789 review Miky 789
An actual menu button would help, but I just held down the back button on my note 5 and the advanced option popped up. It also crashes a lot. It's meh.
A Google user review A Google user
This app is not very clear how to navigate to the advanced settings to enter in which company you are with. I finally read some reviews to try and trouble shoot. If you have a Samsung or Android try holding the back button to get to the advanced setting. They really should consider putting up a little direction on properly use because a lot of girls at my company have had the same trouble!!
Kati Yantos review Kati Yantos
Loved this app on my old galaxy but now it's completely useless. You can't get to the advanced options so it has no clue what company you're with and won't log you in. I'm an extremely part time employee and need this to be working.
Leilani Kaimi review Leilani Kaimi
This app has been awful. The host cannot be found and has been lost for THREE DAYS. FIX THIS.
Matt Miller review Matt Miller
What is this really for anyway? We use red prairie at work to track our productivity. I used my same login and password that I use at work...... and it says invalid user. Maybe this is only for ppl that work for red prairie?? Not really sure....
Jessica Lawson review Jessica Lawson
This app will work ok one day and not at all for a week.
Amelia Heath review Amelia Heath
Figured it out. You need to get to advanced settings. For Samsung hold down the multitasking button.
Theo Kollintzas review Theo Kollintzas
this must be a joke. I feel like it's someones pathetic attempt in trying to give the illusion that the company is keeping up with technological advances
Cassandra Guerra review Cassandra Guerra
I've logged in before perfectly. And now it's telling me it's unable to communicate to the server! #Note3
Elizabeth Nocos review Elizabeth Nocos
I first had to go to advanced settings (settings button for galaxy phones), enter the company id, and then enter my work login info. People need to check with their employers how to properly log in before reviewing because so far my experience with it is flawless.
Marnell Keller review Marnell Keller
Uuugh, I need this cause I upgraded my phone but I cant add AnnInc as the multi screen button doesn't recognize the action
alonnacee review alonnacee
Can't log in. There is no advanced settings option. I have a LG G4