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Relo Music Instrument
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All music instruments are absolute pitch: every key / fingering always corresponds to a certain note. Relo is the world's first relative pitch instrument, where each key indicates how the next note should change compared to the previous note. This is more natural and more intuitive for most people.

It's simple: the right side (red) increases the pitch, the left side (blue) - decreases the pitch. The stronger the color, the higher is the interval.

Relo includes a game mode - to learn the instrument in a fun way, and an improvisation mode, where one can pick a voice, an accompaniment, a scale mode (chromatic, heptatonic, pentatonic, blues) and start improvising!

Any note you press is automatically within the scale to make sure there is no dissonance, so that you can relax and enjoy your own improvisation like a real music professional!

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