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Want to take an evocative photo with your artistic or creative intention?
With Retrica, it’s easy and perfect.
Turn on Retrica, pick a filter and take a shot.

Take breathtaking and fabulous photos and selfies!

Retrica is a camera app with a variety of filters for saving your best moments.

Meet the new Retrica original filter pack - Univisium
Add the 60-70’s filmic vibe to your photos. Try the 2:1 aspect ratio!

• Easy, simple, and fascinating
Enhanced UI makes taking photos and videos with Retrica an easy, simple and fun experience. Retrica also provides a variety of aspect ratios, zoom blur effects and time stamp, so you can create original and authentic contents.

• Beautiful camera filters for any occasion
You can see 190+ filters applied in real time, before you take your photos — which means you can take photos and videos as you wish without additional editing. Exclusive filters are released to all premium members.

• Multiple different looks
Need to make your colors pop? Want that washed out beach look? How about some vintage camera light leaks? Whether you want retro or hip, Retrica has you covered. Double tap to adjust each look to juuuuuust the right amount.

• Get an outlook on the frame
Retrica proudly presents “Inspiration” that consists of “View Finder” and “Insight”. View Finder allows you to share photos that you took with Retrica, enabling you to share your memorable moments. Insight provides interesting and easy-to-understand tutorials about the colors, lights and photos that you can try out with Retrica.

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Retrica - The Original Filter Camera APK reviews

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Jay kumar prabhu review Jay kumar prabhu
Real app by real hard work team
Awesome app by a great hardwork team who love n learn each n every minor level of photography ... million stars for this great app... I thank each n every single person behind this app ... and thank you give me to capture great lovely moments
Before retrica i had to wait for good photos......but now after installing retrica....i can easily capture/save my best moments beautifully.... Its just PERFECT..! Nd suji and azra are the best ever filters.... I have uninstalled every single camera app..nd now i only have this! Suggestion: Retrica please never ever do any extra update..i mean this retrica is just perfect....
Pv Shridhar review Pv Shridhar
Great !!!
It's very brilliant app for selfie and is better than Candy Cam but can be more better. Also add front camera flash use feature. Fix up! Otherwise extremely great.
Christopher Carswell review Christopher Carswell
This app is really great but I don't know how the UI has been improved in this version since it now takes 3 more steps to share a picture. All pics are stored in a "memories" part in the app and for some reason is not accessible in the Retrica folder in your gallery unless you download each picture individually. Seriously? Why do i need to download pics I've already taken just to be able to share them because there's no share option from the "memories" section. Please hire a real UX expert for your next update. People will leave your app if it's difficult to do the most basic tasks that other apps do by default.
Aakarshita Tiwari review Aakarshita Tiwari
I liked it earlier,bjt after tha latest update,it has become a piece of crap. Blurry filters,works badly with lighting and the biggest issues i cant make a video. Every time i try to make it ,retrica stops working,ans i have to shut the app down. Kindly fix it
Rekha Ramachandran review Rekha Ramachandran
What happened to Retrica? It was my favourite app. Now pics are blurry. I have set it to spite of that after every photo I take it need to click on Go back tab. Why is that.? Why can't I take photos continuously? This is an extremely bad update. Till 2016 this app was extremely wonderful. Pls do something.
Adam Kearley review Adam Kearley
When I first started using Retrica I loved it for recording videos since it handled audio extraordinarily well and even let me use an external mic. Unfortunately now there's an extremely obnoxious click at the beginning of EVERY video that makes them useless without editing it out, which isn't worth it when I could just use a different program to record.
Zakaria Harbi review Zakaria Harbi
Those latest Updates are so freaking bad i can't take a photo with main camera without bugging , she don't even save it. filters are so glitchy omg, for your note i'm on Pure Android 6 .. 12 Mpx camera and 2 Cores 1,7 Ghz.
abhijeet butola review abhijeet butola
Infrared mode has gone crazy
After I capture a selfie infrared filter shows a whole lot of patches all over my face.I don't know what is wrong??
Ryou kagamine review Ryou kagamine
My best friend had this app...lets just say she's no longer here. :´)
Kaustubh Divekar review Kaustubh Divekar
No zooming option
Nice app but there is not simple feature
Emily Schools review Emily Schools
Great filters and quality better than my phones factory camera application
However the app occasionally crashes (could just be my buggy phone though!)and the free version has 20 or 30 second video ads here and there. But still, for the quality that it gives compared to my regular camera app I love it! And the filter selections are vast and can make photos gorgeous Edit: I still love this app but the photos are not as good of quality on my newer phone. Also can't find a way to use my flash? This would be 5 stars if I could use the light but the filters are still wonderful!,
Elizabeth Trawick review Elizabeth Trawick
Wonderful app
Love thus app and the new updates. A lot of option to changing effects to pictures.
Nice app
Good user interface
yara mourad review yara mourad
it is the best camera I have ever had. and this new update is just amazing and wonderful. what can I say it is the best camera ever really. ♤THANK YOU RETRICA♤