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Revenge Of Stickman Warriors
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Revenge Of Stickman Warriors is a very addictive action game. A vending machine fooled shadow stick man. It was the beginning of the revenge war. The shadow stickman should hit and destroy the vending machine to be the strongest machine destroyer in the world and win this epic war. As a stick man fighting action game. There are hundreds of attacks. You can collect money and points while attacking. And use these money to upgrade stats, unlock new skills. buy new weapons and magics to be the most brave warrior.

Revenge Of Stickman Warriors is easy to play. Unlike other click and point game. There is a very complex upgrading system. You should be careful to choose skills. The right combination will help you got more epic combats and win more money.

There are 4 kind of skills in this shadow games
- Normal Attack: fighting with vending machine and destroy it. cost time, gain MP.
- Special Attack: More hurt than normal attack. cost time and MP.
- Bonuses Skill: Increase your strength, chance to gain money or critical rate
- Special Skill: cost special effect. such as place bomb. summon a ninja or giants.

- Incredible attack animations.
- Shadow style cartoon graphics.
- hundreds of upgrades.
- A stick man revenge game.
- click and point game

Revenge Of Stickman Warriors APK reviews

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bomberman 849 review bomberman 849
I couldn't get past level 1, it made me redo it 17 times It's not able don't download
Nathan Munger review Nathan Munger
Awesooooome game Make more it is time taking and awesome animations get it
Jacob Seabolt review Jacob Seabolt
Now from what I can tell, it's just mike shadow I paid for it, taken from the pc to the phone, and I was excited but also confused since this was not made by kongregate or mochi games, or was called what it originally was. But I installed it and played it for about 30 minutes and saw that not only were the fonts changed but also the graphics were... How do I say this, less than desireable, and also crashes very easily.
Newb Gamer review Newb Gamer
Those people that says you just stand there are wrong. Dont you see those button? Ya blind? Also, i love this game.
Kenechukwu Ilodibia review Kenechukwu Ilodibia
This game gave me goose pumps I absolutely love it
This game is on fleet
Lee JiHan review Lee JiHan
The Best game ever :D!!!
michael jenkins review michael jenkins
This game is a in browser game called "Mike Shadow: I Paid for It" if I remember right. And I'm so glad to see it on the phone finally. I love, however the reason why I rated it low in the two aspects I did eas becaise within 5min of playing it glitches out after I bought the casg upgrade. Now it says undifiend and only gives me 4 cash per go through. Once that is fixed I shall update my score to something better
John Dechavez review John Dechavez
This is by far one of the addicting and time killing game ive ever played.
PDizzleMyNizzleFoShizzle review PDizzleMyNizzleFoShizzle
DanTDM Flores review DanTDM Flores
Gaming with Kian review Gaming with Kian
This game is awesome but u need to add 1 to 2 more monster / machine
Bobby Hudson review Bobby Hudson
Love Mike Shadow: I Paid For It. Not sure if this is stolen since no credit is given besides in the opening of the game, but still fun. Biggest issue: paid for no ads since they were obnoxious, played without ads for awhile, closed the app, opened it after awhile and ads were back. Pretty obnoxious, bug fix pls
redflame 3113 review redflame 3113
This game is really good but I think you could make it a lot better by making it not so tedious like doing the same thing 50 trying to get a move, if you fix that along with the fact that sometimes after I finish a big move for example the mecha I can't use a move like lvl 3 punch because there is a small delay other that those reasons it's a great game but still keep working on it to make it even better I believe this game has a lot of growing potential P.S. have fun developing it.
GamerK1113 review GamerK1113
So fun! I like violence!!!!perfect game! ,:)