Robi-Airtel CIRCLE APK

Robi-Airtel CIRCLE
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Using Robi's Circle app, you can now communicate easily with all your existing Circle members using all the familiar services like Poke, Com and Shout plus more. If you are new to Robi's Circle, you can also register directly to the service through this app and make lots of new friends.

Robi's Circle app is the only messaging app that works even if you do not have any data service! Send message seamlessly to your Circle members who are using SMS and vice-versa. Create chatgroups, share photos and discover a brand new world of messaging with rich content that you can download from the store.

Robi-Airtel CIRCLE APK reviews

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Shafayat hossain review Shafayat hossain
I am trying to start this app but the pin code is here.. so what can I do???ans me please...
A Google user review A Google user
Its a awesome apps for teenagers for spreading freindship amongst Countrywide .but 1 problem is that its poke sms can't save.So developer should solve it
adnan sammy review adnan sammy
how can I poke through this app? reply plz
The Prince review The Prince
হেই গাইজ..! এটা লগ ইন করতে হলে যে মোবাইল এ লগ ইন করবে। সেই মোবাইল এ সিম টা থাকতে হবে। অন্ন মোবাইল এ থাকলে লগ ইন হবেনা। খুব ভালো সিস্টেম হেকার রা এখন আইডি হ্যাক করতে পারবেনা।
Abdulla Al Mamun review Abdulla Al Mamun
What is the prlm man!!! app ta vlo kore update koren, eto bug kn? kkhn o domain unknown, kkhn o profile dekha na, update koren thik moto
juelkhan emon review juelkhan emon
erom baje update dice j login kora jai na... cod er oi jaigai kicu lekha jai na keno paltu app
Md Borhan review Md Borhan
Somthing it,s Wrong,,Jkn Offline kori tkn Maje Maje 1dom Msg Asena,,,
Brightnessprince Jasim review Brightnessprince Jasim
LoveU Circle App tomr karone aj ocenna onk meyer sate friendship & poricoy hote parce. From BD Cox'sBazar
A Google user review A Google user
Faltu app . Pin ase e na . Ai app ta ki sudu dekhar jonno banano hoice ? Kono kajer na
awesome funny review awesome funny
Heda app. Waiting for enter .kora jay na abar automatic o enter hoy na### CAPP REG dewar por PIN ase.but automatic pin detect hoy na keno????
A Google user review A Google user
ki holo apnadrr carcle app loding hoina plz akto dekhen thana hole carcle bondu kore den
A Google user review A Google user
Vai Somossa Ki...??Apps eta cole na kno..?Plz Early Eta Somossa Ta Thik koren..!!Jati To Eta Mene Nite Partechena
Md Nazrul Islam review Md Nazrul Islam
login hosce na keno? I want to it.
Md Adnan Habib review Md Adnan Habib
problem is verify phone nambar
A Google user review A Google user
শালা হেতের বোইনের সোনার এ্যাপ বানাইছে মাগির পোলা।