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Rock Life - Guitar Legend
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The best guitar free game that lets you play with amazing 3D guitars, testing your skills to follow the rhythm of the music.

Start your own band, invite your friends, tune your voice, get the best guitars and instruments, tap to win millions of fans! Rock Life is the first mobile game that lets you be the rock star and compete with live players from around the world to be the rising star of the music charts!


Create the greatest band in the world! With a super addictive combination of upgrades, recruitments and fast play, Rock Life is a rock n' roll music game that lets you manage an entire band and at the same time put your music skills to the test by playing concerts, recording albums, making music videos and much more, all with perfectly balanced gameplay.

» PRO GUITARS IN 3D – Collect hundreds of exclusive, amazingly detailed guitars entirely in high definition 3D. Get upgrades and customize each guitar in your studio.

» PLAY ONLINE IN REAL-TIME – Play against your facebook friends or against opponents from the same category to climb up the rankings of the best bands in the world. Revenge and steal fans from other bands and earn more resources to finance your success and be a great idol.

» CREATE YOUR OWN BAND – Hire musicians, buy instruments, and invite your friends from Facebook to be a part of your band. Make a tour, win fans and get rich, just like a real rock star.

» RULE THE WORLD – Just like a real band, you’ll start small in your hometown and then grow to conquer the country and the continent. Finally, you’ll play epic song concerts to conquer the world. Make it happen!


Rock Life is completely 4 free to play but some in-game items can be purchased with real money. You can turn-off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s settings.
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Rock Life - Guitar Legend APK reviews

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Omar Gonzalez review Omar Gonzalez
un even matching
So my points were like 640 or so then I went to a band battle and they set me up with a band with like 2040 points and the notes to hit were extremely hard?!!!!!
Deland McCoy review Deland McCoy
I just bought 70 gold coins and they didn't even show up.... Even got the receit from Google... Rip off
sean hansen review sean hansen
When getting about halfway through the song I'm playing, it starts to lag really bad and it gets almost impossible to play. Idk if it's my phone or just the game but please try to fix... otherwise fantastic game :)
A Google User review A Google User
Love the game except when it comes to the money earned. Can't upgrade any better players. Fix and will rate 5 stars!
Paige Bilclough review Paige Bilclough
Really good but..
Love the fact that it's a whole career thing & its kind of a challenge, but a different variety of songs would be better than just the same 5 or 6 songs. Really good app though, ads pop up after you've finished a game.
Tmll Z review Tmll Z
Great game. Only thing I don't like is that you can't sell your guitar. When that happens you'll gain a star.
Tyler Bell review Tyler Bell
Fun and pretty addicting
I enjoy the guitars and the ability to upgrade the hardware and accessories on them. The one major thing I would change is add the option to change to a desired difficulty level for each song rather than the goal pretty much being to make them all easy. That gets boring. Or have the ability to speed up the tempo of the song to add to the challenge
Michelle The Fabulosa review Michelle The Fabulosa
Super cool
Its awesome..... I love the challenges....!
Gerald Uscamayta review Gerald Uscamayta
It would be a good game if only when on VS mode it wouldn't just registering my taps and causing me to lose
Alejandro Martinez review Alejandro Martinez
Has anyone finished this game without the microtransactions? Because I am already at the finish line but it is so hard without buying with dolars a better guitar
ruben marquez review ruben marquez
This game is fun but hard to play on hard get it ??? any ways love this game aka band name " avenged sevenfold"
Beanni Minjarez-Bunbury review Beanni Minjarez-Bunbury
This app is so much fun & getting to choose ur band, roadie, manager, producer, etc!! People should get this app!! ?
Mike Gould review Mike Gould
Multiplayer doesn't work. The story and whatnot works just fine. But when I'm battle somebody none of the notes line up and I can't hit anything. Even rapidly to happen the same spot nothing registers. It doesn't even make it to the end of the song either before the app force closes. I have a Galaxy S7 so no it's not my phone.
Kristaps Miezis review Kristaps Miezis
overall, it is good time-killer.. but, it would be much better, if it will be more than these 10 melodies all the game.. either player can add his own songs from phone, or add more inside the game itself.. othervise, it gets boring very fast, all future notes are getting predictable after playing for some time... waiting for uptade with fixed this issue.
Christopher Hebert review Christopher Hebert
I liked the other game this company made better. It was harder with the 5 strings. This game seems to lag more, especially online. I have an Galaxy S8+, so there is no way this should be lagging on my phone. The thing is, is other than the lag, it's still a fun game, too easy, but still fun and a good time killer. Please just to fix those bugs.