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The Roku® mobile app is a free application for iOS® and Android™ devices that turns your mobile device into our ultimate streaming companion for Roku streaming players and Roku TVs.

To use the Roku mobile app, you must connect your phone or tablet to the same wireless network as your Roku device. Certain features require a compatible Roku device, and may require logging in to your Roku account.

Complement your Roku streaming experience and use the Roku mobile app to:
• Use your phone or tablet as a remote control for your Roku device
• Browse a hand-picked selection of great movies and TV shows using What’s On
• Use your voice or mobile keyboard to search for movies, TV shows, actors and directors
• Launch your favorite channels directly from your mobile device
• Add channels and games from the Roku Channel Store
• Listen to audio from streaming movies or shows through your headphones with Private listening *
• Cast videos, photos, and music to your TV using Play on Roku
• Use your mobile keyboard to enter text on your Roku device
• Follow your favorite movies, shows and actors/directors using My Feed

Certain features require compatible Roku devices and may require logging in to your Roku account.

· Roku Search is available only when your connected Roku streaming player or Roku TV supports this functionality. Roku Search is not available in Mexico.
· Searching by voice is available in English in the US and Canada only.
· The Roku app is available in English language only in Mexico.

* Mobile Private Listening is available for Roku Express, Express+, Roku Streaming Stick (3600), Roku Premiere, Premiere+, Roku Ultra and Roku TVs

** Subscription or other payment may be required to access certain channel content. Channel availability is subject to change and varies by country.

For more information and troubleshooting help, go to

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Jim Mackey review Jim Mackey
Love Roku and the Roku app!
Great app, but it would really be a super great app if the TV sound was transmitted to the smart phone running the Roku app, with the ability to have the TV sound muted or un-muted. That way other people in the room could hear the TV while the person with the smart phone could hear the TV sound with ear buds, head phones..... That would be useful for people with hearing problems.
Danny Evans review Danny Evans
Works great after I messed up
I just set down with a full glass of apple juice and soon as I set the glass down the whole glass fell over directly on my Ruko remote I thought I was screwed but then I remembered that they had apps download and awesome had my Ruko back went 2 days before I thought about it though lol
Kaman Jomanny review Kaman Jomanny
No patience
I was going to rate it but not right now because I'm busy doing something else
Christine Davis review Christine Davis
Roku remote app
We've lost our Roku remote and the app was there. We prefer the ease of the app over the cumbersome physical remote. Awesome!
Austin Bricker review Austin Bricker
New to Roku yesterday
Its crazy I love it so much already. For people who complaining Roku is a cheap low budget way to have a smart TV so ya its not going to be a top speed streamer. You need a good WiFi connection for it to work well. Also I saw someone complaining about Android to Roku mirroring that is still in beta so its not going to be great. Also if u don't like waiting for it to load when u turn on TV its because it turns off with your TV if u plug into the TV... But if u wall its always on so its ready right away.
Chontriece Tillman review Chontriece Tillman
It's the best thing that could ever happen to me and my family...... my son seems to always hide the remote control so having it on my phone is grate
Meredith C review Meredith C
Use to work awesome
It seems like every other time this app is updated it stops working. I'd never use this app for convenience had I not lost the real roku remote. I've been attempting to use this app for about a yr and trying to get it to work is so frustrating that I'm going to just buy a whole new roku so I can have the real remote again
Janet Shannon review Janet Shannon
Awesome App!
I misplaced my remote for my Roku, and downloaded this app so that I could still watch Netflix via my Roku. The app is awesome and works incredibly well. I haven't had any issues with it.
Joshua Witzel review Joshua Witzel
Works perfectly
With the new update, I haven't experienced any bugs. Love the "Play on Roku" feature!
Stephanie Watkins review Stephanie Watkins
Life saver
This is so great. My remote got wet. So it was messing up. Downloaded this app after quick research. Saved my Netflix night!!! Do yourself a favor. Now it's convenient when I'm on my tablet and don't feel like looking for the remote(which weekend fine now). So easy to set up too!
Jason Gares review Jason Gares
We're going out with you guys are the best thing ever and I don't want you here for a few minutes to go back and forth between the lines of communication with you guys have a good day
Rick Hall review Rick Hall
Great app
This app always helps alot when my original remote goes haywire or needs batteries or is in the other room and i'm in a hurry to change my viewing choice. It is also faster to respond than my remote. Good job on this app guys
Shayna Degidio review Shayna Degidio
WHEN it works
I'm pretty much limited to what the Tony remote can do, less since it doesn't have the shortcut buttons for Netflix and such. The keyboard doesn't work at all and it has to find the device every time you leave the screen. Get a chromecast
Ed Mo review Ed Mo
Its almost perfect. Its only missing a way to enter the channel numbe you want to switch to. It only lets you go up or down channels
Shelia Gore review Shelia Gore
Shelia G.
Great App. The remote their came with the Roku stopped working completely after a few months. Changed batteries, reset it - nothing worked. Downloaded the Remote App. and it works great. Froze up once and I had to Uninstall and Install it again.