Root Explorer APK reviews

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Shaun R. review Shaun R.
Nothing beats Root Explorer. --> It's time for a new, modern app icon...
A Google User review A Google User
gets no better. Really, if you have root then you get this..and with the newest update from 6-1-13 is truly unbeatable. Thank you for the note 4 fix, I thought it was something I did.
A J review A J
Still the best file manager ever! Bravo. No need to apologize for frequent updates. That shows accountability to us and this great app.
Great app! But when i open a picture and it is opened with my album app, sony album app, i cannot swipe left or right for the previous or next picture, is this a root explorer thing or my album app thing? Not sure...
A Google User review A Google User
I bought this in November 2010, lol! Holy smokes, did I get my money out of this one because I still use it. No bloat, no absurd features, just manages files with root.
In a nutshell, a file explorer. A good one. Friendly UI makes it a pleasure to use. Not to mention root support.
Kelvin You review Kelvin You
with v4.2.2,i cannot play any video from samba. mx player will exit after 10 seconds.
A Google User review A Google User
Been using this app from the start, One of the best.
Ken B review Ken B
Quality app, needs fully black theme
The only file manager you need. If you're rooted, you should have this installed. Material redesign is very nice. Only complaint is that dark theme is not black. Gray does not save battery. Please modify the dark theme or add a black theme for those of us using AMOLED screens. Rating back up when black returns.
A Google User review A Google User
I'm not seeing my USB thumb drive on my pixel xl. Android 7.1.2. It's formatted at fat32. Needing an update maybe?
Joseph R review Joseph R
New look better, but still Ugly
Takes quite a bit for me to give a review, been using this app for years now, always installed as system app but now with new look it's just nasty, completely destroyed app. Visual Aesthetics are everything. Thank God I can just uninstall update and get back to the beautiful theme that it once had. Seems like all throughout Play Store dev's have hired two year olds for design/theme Department. Need to bring classic theme back old look was classier, polished look. Now looks like an infant created.
antonio asti review antonio asti
Simple and effective......
......but it doesn't allow to edit build.prop because it truncates the file. The included text editor sucks. In addition, the copy of large files from Google Drive fails regularly
刘炜煜 review 刘炜煜
Greatest app ever
Benjamin E M review Benjamin E M
Break the Root!
Knox makes it impossible to, but can't you break the efs? My team is so close to remaking UNIX.
bruce furini review bruce furini
What the
Transparency has gone??? Are we now unable to move files. I have had to revert back to 3.3.5.