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"Action-packed game that will keep you entertained with its many layers" - YAHOO!

Royal Revolt 2 is an award-winning action / strategy game where you must lead your army into battle and protect your throne from opposing players around the world. In order to become the true King, you must advance your kingdom, perfect your defences and forge powerful alliances. Millions of downloads and excellent reviews show that Royal Revolt 2 remains an all-time classic!

• Take control of your king and lead your army in battle
• Defend your castle by creating a deadly path for your enemies
• Build your kingdom and improve your army to become more powerful
• Participate in regular events such as "Alliance Wars" where you work together as a team
• Collaborate and discuss with friends by forging an alliance

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Royal Revolt 2 APK reviews

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Felisia Ryukiya review Felisia Ryukiya
cannot input friend code
every time i try to input a friend code. it said that it is invalid code :(
akhil suresh review akhil suresh
Absolutely Wonderful Game
My invite code is EAHAXUKAI
Joshua Sapp review Joshua Sapp
This app makes me believe again
kye webb review kye webb
It's good, enter my friend code I level up a lot so loads of vouchers
The game is great, awesome balance and synergy between attack and defence, add my code for loadsa vouchers if you haven't yet done one BVEMGZFTJ
Texas Blundell review Texas Blundell
Unfortunatly bread is so slow to get. Unless you spend money. Very good game though
Kailon Jo review Kailon Jo
Beat all my challengers yet I'm soo new
Vanesa Haritonova review Vanesa Haritonova
So cool
It has cute artwork and think that kids will enjoy it to
Anthony Sloan review Anthony Sloan
Really cool game, very addictive, very enjoyable. Thanks
Rendy Hardiana review Rendy Hardiana
Nice game, but
Its really nice game defence but to earn ticket so hard if play alone then the sound always silence
Arham Khan review Arham Khan
Must play
I love this game. My all friends play it
NinjaVortex Gaming review NinjaVortex Gaming
Good but
I really want to use a D Pad instead of touching where you want to go, can you add this?
Joshua Stubbs review Joshua Stubbs
Good Enough... Again
This is my all-time favourite mobile game. It didn't work for a long time but luckily it's been fixed.
Vanja Tot review Vanja Tot
New update sucks
It was 5 stars before, but now... Both my character and soldiers are so weak after the update. There is no dragons????? Update said that dragons are here. Also, gargoyle towers DO NOT spawn additional ones.
mostafa arashad review mostafa arashad
great and addicting game that I recommend to install and dont forget to enter my code: TTFMUIJS
Thanushikan Nathan review Thanushikan Nathan
Fantastic but.....
Game play is awesome but why did you stopped free TapJoy gems? Playing without gems is hard and boring!