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Run fast. Shoot sharp. Get what's yours!

Your precious treasure is stolen. Enemies are all around. Be the hero and take back what’s yours!

The greatest challenge you can find is already here. Run and collect as much gold as you can. Test your skills with various obstacles and shoot your way through vast number of enemies to survive the run. Unlock your full potential to beat them all.

Get in the game for the Run & Gun adventure – an endless runner with a twist:

- Choose among various banditos, each having unique powerful skills
- Gather treasures to upgrade your characters and unlock new boosts
- Earn numerous achievements to show off your skills
- Play in a colorful and vivid world
- Compare with other players, be the best!

Run & Gun - get what’s yours!

Run & Gun: BANDITOS APK reviews

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Phil Rogers review Phil Rogers
A simple game with simple controls set in a world of cartoon graphics. What more could I want? Everything runs smoothly and it all looks great. I haven't come across too many ads, so it didn't get me reaching for Uninstall like so many games do.
Souvik Pal review Souvik Pal
Good graphics, funny b/g music and fun playing. I got addicted. While waiting infront of a blockade, the magnet and explosive bullet should freeze. Because I am wasting the magnet and explosive bullets. And the explosive bullets fire even on lane change and sometimes lane change doesn't work. I am rating this three stars because all the item price is so high. Price of everything should be reduced.
ronelle findlay review ronelle findlay
It is a nice game, but there needs to be a shoot button it is kinda difficult to manuveur and shoot at the same time. But other than that nice gameplay.
Creed Stepney review Creed Stepney
The controls stick fro. Time to tome when swiping left or right an when I'm shooting it's not showing them hit.
A Google user review A Google user
Absolutely love this game! I am 50 years old and this is my favorite game. Keeps me busy and distressed. Thanks guys!
Karo Mostafavi review Karo Mostafavi
Sometime's that I want to go to right or left to avoid obstacles he's shooting or not doing anything
Baibhav Mohanty review Baibhav Mohanty
The upgrade and character costs should be reduced, and the cloud save doesn't work properly. On reinstalling I lost all upgrades (health, parrot etc.) and some chillies please fix it.
braham singh review braham singh
Lovely every one must download it ..fabulous graphics ,cool play and more and thanks to the company for creating such a fabulous game thanks a lot people
Ali Tapussay review Ali Tapussay
Need to be able to just tap the screen anywhere to shoot. Trying to switch lanes while finding bandits to shoot takes the fun out of what could be a good game.
Ashwini kumar review Ashwini kumar
Overall A great game. Simply addictive. Please provide more ways to earn bandits..
Sandeep Bannore review Sandeep Bannore
It nice.... but soon gets boring.
Howard Demarco review Howard Demarco
Loads slowly , freezes too often, and frequently doesn't respond to touch commands.
Auntik Jeb review Auntik Jeb
Best of its type till now.... Very funny.... And addictive.... Keeps me attached with my phone for longer hours....
Mohan P review Mohan P
It's a nice game. It was an amazing game so you can download this game OK. It was sooooo nice and you Like it.
Param Bansal review Param Bansal
Game is fun bt coin collection is a tough have to play whole day and still the whole day collection would not be enough for upgrade of 1 thing