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Runtastic PRO Running, Fitness
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Ready to get in shape? Get started to with the Runtastic GPS Running & Fitness PRO app and start tracking your fitness activities (distance, time, speed, elevation, calories burned & more) - such as running, jogging, biking & walking using GPS. Plus it’s fully optimized for Android Wear. Ready to run?

On top of tracking your fitness activities, the Runtastic Running & Fitness app provides you with many more features to improve your fitness and ensure you’re enjoying your workout. Additionally, you will be a part of a global fitness community for extra motivation and tips and tricks from professional coaches to help you reach your fitness goals.

* Auto Pause: Session is paused automatically when you stop moving
* Routes: Create, browse & find routes worldwide and save them to your Android phone
* Challenge a Run: Compete against yourself by challenging past activity results
* Real Voice Coach: Audio feedback based on your personal preferences
* Interval run training, coaching and dynamic split (km/mi) tables
* Colored Traces: Colors indicate training changes, incl. pace, elevation, slope

* LIVE Tracking & Cheering: Show your friends where you are & get motivated by their cheers
* Customize your dashboard with your preferred training statistics
* Enjoy music with Google Play Music, Spotify, Pandora, SoundCloud & more, directly within the Runtastic app (available on Android 4.4 and above)
* Manual entry of workouts: Add treadmill, spinning, weight lifting workouts & more

* Yearly Running Goal: Set a running goal & we will keep you on track to reach it with your running apps. Set your fitness goals today & we’ll be your running distance tracker
* Shoe Tracking: Keep track of the mileage on your running shoes so you know when it’s time to retire your shoes and get a new pair

* Running Leaderboard: See who’s run the furthest this/last week or this month
* Geotagging: Take pictures during your workout and see them on the map on
* Share activities on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp & via email

* Garmin Connect: Easily connect your Runtastic account to your Garmin Connect directly in the app. Conveniently synchronize activities from your Garmin Forerunner, Fenix, GPS-enabled Vivo or Edge bike computer with your Runtastic account.
* Integrate Runtastic activities to your MyFitnessPal account & to Google Fit
* Android Wear Integration: Control your Runtastic app with Android Wear
* Runtastic Wearable Connect: Display activity stats on Runtastic Orbit & Runtastic Moment, our 24/7 wearables

Save workouts to & join our online fitness community. You'll get further exercise data analysis, coaching & comparisons with friends! These benefits keep you motivated while striving to reach fat burning, cardio training or overall health & wellness goals.

You can also choose an expert training plan to help you reach your goals. Training plans provide coaching & inspiration for fitness goals, incl.: weight loss, building endurance, jogging a 10k, running a half-marathon, running a marathon or attaining a bikini body!

Runtastic is all about health & fitness apps! Check out more of our apps to help you reach your fitness goals at

Runtastic PRO Running, Fitness APK reviews

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John Denny review John Denny
Great app
Lacks accuracy have used this now for a few years and does the job ...even for my racing bike . But compared to my cycle computer it's not strictly accurate. ..relies on strong GPS signal and best on 4G . One last detail ....I upgraded my phone a year ago and went to load the pro version which I previously paid for and found i had to pay a second time .for some reason it does not recognise that you've paid and therefore you may pay every time you change your phone.
Michael Peton review Michael Peton
I don't understand why the line graph and bar graph show different paces per mile. Also, you should be able to set how often you are updated on your pace (every mile or 1/4 of your goal is not always ideal). Other than these items it is a good app, I would give 5 stars if these were fixed. Edit: these issues are fixed. Great app for running.
Gee Demiray review Gee Demiray
I used to LOVE this app until I realised after a few official races that the GPS is completely off... It would say that I was at km 8.5 when I finished a 10k, or at km 13.5 when I finished a 15k race. This means all the other data, such as speed, pace etc. is also completely off. Not ideal when you're prepping for a race and need very accused precise pace information. I am hugely disappointed. I tried runtastic against a whole bunch of other running apps and none of the others I tried had a GPS problem like this. Not planning to renew my gold account next year.
Mislav Neuhold review Mislav Neuhold
Can U please fix gps accuracy for samsung galaxy s4.(miss 120m - 350m every km) Incorrect distance measuring affect on all others components (speed, pace..) so app ( on my phone) become useless. Same problem with Huawei P9 Lite.(compare with iPhone).
Objelean Alex review Objelean Alex
There seems to be a bug, related to the total distance tracking. For instance, one workout is reported of 7km, though it was of 13km, which is shown properly when going to the detailed view. Is this a known bug? I can provide more details if needed, with screenshots. Thanks
jonpaul fink review jonpaul fink
Bad ass app if I can just keep my energy levels up enough to walk lol
A Google User review A Google User
Excellent Quality
This is a must have! I've used this for many years. It's just got better and better every time. There is nothing bad to say about it.? My own personal opinion - Would be nice to have more options for input after an event is recorded (Mixed City / Trail option, enter own "fitbit" heart rate info, auto/manual weather info).
Hellen Lopez review Hellen Lopez
I really love this app! It has a variety of workouts and it's easy to use Syncs well with other apps. Can they add sprint as a sport feature?
Amit Sharma review Amit Sharma
Was earlier using Runtastic free app and that was very good. But this app has lots of issues. This pro app stops recording my activity after few minutes. I have other running apps also in my phone and they don't have such issues. There is no way given in app to contact support team.
Jordan Nikolov review Jordan Nikolov
Inaccurate GPS track
GPS track is very inaccurate when I jog at the stadium. It measures less distance that i have actually been throught especially on curves. An option for setting the point record interval would make ths app priceless.
Rafael Maia review Rafael Maia
Great app!
Kamila Viskupova review Kamila Viskupova
Purchased few of their running stories and after a year they all disappeared together with my running history. Now I'm asked to purchased them again. Also, interval training voice isn't working even though the settings are correct. No one from customer service answers my requests to fix this for over a year now! I see people have similar issues with app not running properly and non existing customer services. But to take something I paid for isn't quite legal. You should not be selling your stuff and not delivering the product.
Victor Teo review Victor Teo
The GPS issue was resolved for 8 months or so. Then since the latest update. The GPS is set cropped up again. The app will track for one km or so and then stop. When you wake it up, it will draw a straight line from where it last tracked you to your current position. The distance recorded is not accurate unless you are running in a straight line. But the time is still accurate. Not sure if it's a phone setting or an app setting
I want to be able to share to Instagram a photo with stats on it! (like other running apps) Otherwise very good app.
Graham Gregory review Graham Gregory
Small issues I've managed to sort ok. Then today doing a hike the app changed it from 1hr 24 to 37hrs 53 mins. I did notice on the phone and watch the readings where jumping about all over the place. First time this has happened. Plus it keeps unchecked my auto pause.