Saida - Loans to your M-Pesa APK

Saida - Loans to your M-Pesa
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Saida gives you access to fast & convenient loans to your M-Pesa. Use our loans to grow your business, pay your bills or deal with emergencies.

Install Saida now and check if you are eligible for our loans!

Read about one of our many customers who is using Saida to build his business here -

(If your Saida has problems installing, other issues or you want to talk to us - please follow this link -

Not everyone is eligible for Saida loans. If you are eligible, you can request a loan and Saida will send your loan to your M-Pesa and explain the repayment terms.

If you are not eligible for a loan - we will explain why and tell you when you can re-apply or what you can do to get eligible.

Saida - Loans to your M-Pesa APK reviews

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Baba Levi review Baba Levi
The App doesnt work
Installed and app keeps sending an error message that it is experiencing problems getting account. Pretty useless. Uninstalling now
Great app u guys always save my day
James Muraguri review James Muraguri
Hard to install the apps
Finding it hard to inatall the app.
Teresia Munyiva review Teresia Munyiva
Nonsense not help full at all have kept the app and shared my m.ledger for 3 months now but sadly could not be offered with any loan
Victor Dingiri review Victor Dingiri
Beautiful and reliable app. But you should create an option where one can borrow less than the amount he qualifys for
Moses Karanja review Moses Karanja
Anyone ever qualified? 5M in transactions
I might be probably wrong but I think you guys are just collecting our data and probably using it for God knows what. I might have not qualified, but my friend who had transacted over 5 million through Mpesa this year alone, purchases an airtime of 1000 a day for business proposes and he didn't qualify as well? Skeptical. But time will tell. My apologies if I'm wrong
Josh Mwesh review Josh Mwesh
The best app ever used;excellent saida.
Gypsy Hox review Gypsy Hox
It's fabulous and effective, once you are a loyal client, you pay well loan amount increases. Cheers
Peter Kiambuthi review Peter Kiambuthi
This is crap!!
Joseph Munyua review Joseph Munyua
I need a loan of 10000ksh to pay by 1month
Thomas Leting review Thomas Leting
Thanks saida
Jeff Gachoka review Jeff Gachoka
Always fixes my quick cash needs. However your latest update messed up. It's not okay to display my last Mpesa transaction even on locked screen for everyone to see!
Boniface Musyoka review Boniface Musyoka
Not helpful
Most bogus App I av seen. I have un installed it. Very unreliable at the time of need. Takes eternity to approve loans and is prune to failures. Try the branch or mkopo rahisi and you won't regret.
mukabi aaron review mukabi aaron
Hi. Im a saida customer but im contemplating on quitting your services since my loan amount has stagnated and infact reduced leading me to pay a higher interest every time i apply for a loan and incur extra charges from safaricom paybill. And now im being asked to pay 50 shs to verify my name and yet your app has my full names and email address and tel no. How???
Very efficient. You get loans very fast.