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[Samsung] Always On Display
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Find useful information quickly and easily without turning the screen on.
Meet the even more upgraded Always On Display in Galaxy S8!

1. AOD content
- The AOD provides a variety of clock designs and information. Use any content you like conveniently.
- Clock: Digital clock, analogue clock, world clock, and Edge clock (You can choose colours and wallpapers.)
- Calendar
- Image: Select an image from Gallery or Smart Select and set it as wallpaper for the AOD screen.
- Provides custom text, date, battery level, app notifications, and song information.

2. FaceWidgets
- Experience different widgets on the AOD screen by double-tapping the clock area.
You can easily play music on the turned off screen or check your schedule and alarm.
- FaceWidgets configuration path: Settings > Lock screen and security > Information and FaceWidgets > FaceWidgets

3. Active clock
- Provides Active clock that has a running second hand.

4. Pin to AOD
- Pin text and images you wish to remember to the AOD screen. Pinned memo can be easily viewed and deleted.
- You can pin memo to the AOD screen using Reminder and Share via.

5. AOD Themes
- Download AOD-exclusive themes from Theme Store.
Decorate your AOD screen uniquely with various themes.

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Brian Neligan review Brian Neligan
It's a great idea. Love it. Having a setting even for sleep mode so you can have it turn on and off at different times be great. I'd use this as my bed side clock but wouldn't use it during the day. Would take the hassle away from having to go into my settings all the time.
Nik Brooks review Nik Brooks
Love the AOD on my S8+ I have knocked down 1star as I would really like more customisations, such as the ability to change the font and also make your own colour. I am sure that these things are possible to implement,so please Samsung add more customisations. Still one of my favourite features despite these short falls.
di4st2urb0ed review di4st2urb0ed
Aod is one of my favorite things about this phone but one thing is keeping it from being 5 stars...needs a brightness option to prevent it from dimming in dark settings and u can barely see the beauty that is aod... Just saying that we should have an auto brightness or slider option for those who want it always bright then it will be 5 stars all day...
Daniel Blandford review Daniel Blandford
Still no option to force this off for those of us who have a clear view cover, I feel disappointed that I purchased this case, as I can't use it with DeX and I can't disable the AOD. Why don't Samsung even support their own cases very well? I'm better off buying from a third party...
stacey sowden review stacey sowden
Its Nice but iv notice I can only see the call symbol and not my other symbols such as message WhatsApp due to how i have my notification set, would be better if they still appeared
Tipsy T-Rex review Tipsy T-Rex
Please add a full screen image option like the ones available on the old version, but add an optional section available for notifications and the clock. Also, please add the option within the scheduler to have it change from one AOD to another; I would like to have the edge display enabled at night time as a bedside clock, and my normal AOD at all other times. Otherwise, this remains the best implementation of the AOD I've ever used.