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More of a toy than a traditional game, Sandbox Zombies is a fun zombie simulator game, with the only goal being to have fun. Place units, spawners, terrain, turrets, and more, and watch the chaos as they fight to the death in this interactive zombie sandpit!

Create your own levels with crazy scenarios and wars in whatever way you choose! Create a zombie outbreak and force humans to hold out and survive against an army of infected! Create a four way war between various human factions! Pit ninjas against vampires and werewolves! Create a holy war between angels and demons! The options are limitless in this sandbox level creator!

Over ten unit types available, including zombies, humans, vampires and werewolves, angels and demons, ghosts, mummies and ninjas!
A wide arsenal of weapons, including flamethrowers, blunderbusses, shotguns, snipers, miniguns, rocket launchers, paintball guns, teleporters, mind control guns, and more!

Completely ad-free with only an optional one-time purchase for bonus content.

Sandbox Zombies APK reviews

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Bomin Frazier review Bomin Frazier
I loved the game. However could you add veichles, light machine guns like the mg4 and I know it would be hard to create but a controllable first person mode. Also could you make it so the exact amount in the big setting is 100? It's sort of hard to divide teams to the max when it's 99.
OxBow Pandora review OxBow Pandora
It's a fun time waster and is a well done game
ED Morales review ED Morales
Amazing game love it 5 million out of ten
ghostsmith 24 review ghostsmith 24
It was a good game but now the units are to fast and it wont save where i left off when i get in the game again
It didn't let me play
ZOMBIE2013 review ZOMBIE2013
Still a good sandbox.
Diga Rakawani review Diga Rakawani
A great simulator game! Very addictive and fun! But it needs new features like random weapon, random spawner, and even breakable barricade (the object act as barricade but can be destroyed by zombie; it can be repaired by using power).
Hayden Cole. review Hayden Cole.
Awesome simulation game. But is it possible to add a left and right hand option? Some of my units get killed because they shoot the wall but not the other team which kind of ruins the endless simulation. Otherwise I love this game.
Pyro The Mage review Pyro The Mage
Great game. Also, YOU GUYS ARE BACK! Edit: Thinking about some things that could be added; Path making/patrol, portals, mythological things, breakable walls, prebuilt maps, elevated platforms, moving platforms, grenade launcher, traps, bow+arrows, unarmed people are able to pick up dropped weapons, ability to drag people, ability to play god with certain powers, make weapons that stun units, in general more units and more weapons. I know that this list was quite unorganized but thank you for taking the time to read this.
games galore review games galore
I loved it so addicting and so much ideas so much fun
Sterlink Mercury review Sterlink Mercury
Man that free premium was bug? It was fun, so fun while it lasted, wish i knew it was a bug... just that. Anyway enough said add a barricade so i can make zombie defense pls
Bob Builder review Bob Builder
I played this game a lot b4 and I then I stopped because there were no updates but now there r updates again pls update the game more and add sounds
ZekDaWulf review ZekDaWulf
kinda disappointed that the recent updates unlocked then locked the premium content, i was getting used to all the new items :( oh well. i wish the random weapon option was unlocked, but it's still a great game :)
Jhamil Cruz review Jhamil Cruz
Now that this game gets updated any possibility of a mini city sized box/map or destructable turret or barricades
Felix Palomar review Felix Palomar
Add sound and new weapons and monsters I wish you can control one