Satron APK

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This application simplifies connecting to WiFi, as it allows you to take or load a picture with the password or QR code of that router. It then reads the written text allowing you to edit it, if needed, and connects to that WiFi.

Instead of spending 10 min copying character by character your friend's WiFi password, take a picture of it!


Satron allows you to stop just for a second -- snap an image of that poster, card or receipt and to be directly connected to WiFi.

You are able to enjoy these few minutes that would have previously caused exasperation

This app recognizes the text in an image, so the password you took a picture of, and allows you to use that to connect to any router.

People want simplicity, and this is what you get from Satron.

It also identifies WiFi QR codes, so you have a common application that does all the work for you.

There is an easy to use interface with a smooth flow, for a simple solution to something everybody has been through.

So download Satron, save those frustrations, and allow it to simplify your connections to WiFi routers