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SayHi Chat, Meet New People
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Say Hi can help you find new people nearby! It helps you find love by chat, meet and date new friends!

You're going to fall in love with SayHi by using the following features:

1. Meet and chat with nearby people. Locate fellow users on the map and engage them in exciting conversations.

2. Interact with others using
* Video Chat
* Text messages with fun emojis
* Voice messages
* Pictures taken from camera or gallery
* Exquisite gifts
* Upload your video, share your moments and get rewards

3. Check out and see
* Message status, know when your message has been sent successfully or read by others.
* Other user's profiles, including distance from you, what they would like to do, what they want.

4. Enjoy a variety of fun ways to interact with people by installing various plugins
* Change app skin into a totally different look
* Send vivid emojis
* Hot new features added all the time
* Support login with facebook and twitter

Say Hi is a free messenger and also a dating app to find, chat, dating with singles and meet new friends.

If you are single and seeking:
The perfect girl, the man of your dreams, or the love of your life...

Are you ready to start meeting new people online free, hookup with them, chat strangers and have fun? Download our chatting app to start meet new friends and socialize now!

Say Hi is the perfect match for you among all dating apps!

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SayHi Chat, Meet New People APK reviews

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Maj Moj review Maj Moj
I like it
Good if you use the groups
Shaik Faizulla review Shaik Faizulla
I hate this app because of fake people and fake profile pic.... Off app
Abdulaziz AlQannas review Abdulaziz AlQannas
Application on general very good but there is one thing; we must use points when we need to contact one person that not good for many users I hope to reflect this issue. That is it thank you.
Savannah marsh review Savannah marsh
Im turning 18 in two months and i am 17 1/2 and i try dating apps because every time my friends and family try to set me up with someone it doesn't work out so please let me sign up and it shows the year 2000 and before i downloaded the dating app it said 17+ what the hell please let single mentally disabled teens find love, im a mentally disabled girl and I've been dumped a lot seriously!!!!
Vardaan shrivastava review Vardaan shrivastava
Fraud company deducted amount from ny account wihtout my permsiion dont belive in this company
Madhav Mahajan review Madhav Mahajan
Waste of time and money.
Nobody's here for meeting or dating,developer should change description of the application. Almost all the girls here ask for recharge or payment for chat. this app no different than the live chat ads from porn site.
Marcus Prosser review Marcus Prosser
Daily bonus is rigged
No matter how hard I try to get 50 or 100 points or even VIP, I clearly saw the dial slow down or spin for an extra second. It purposely lands on 10 instead of giving you something awesome. Your daily bonus is rigged. Fix it or i'm not using it. Get rid of the 10 points make a new minimum number or don't have it on there at all.
AllGunzBlazin review AllGunzBlazin
Nearest woman is 350 miles away, thats 1/3 of the uk not using this app
Big free overhaul needed to attract more users. Your app needs to be completely free to attract and keep large quantities of users then you can add new payed features bit dont charge for existing features.
Holman Duran review Holman Duran
Short summary, women are fake, no one's local, don't waste your money or points. They won't answer back, trust me.
A Google user review A Google user
I think it can be improved more especially when u switch phones that one can see his or her old chat.
Siddharta Goswami review Siddharta Goswami
Very bad app
When I get the point always received 10 points. And when I chat always use 10 points this is very bad. Many people show online but no one chat and see the message and no reply. Fake app and fake profile. No freedom in this app always want the point bad so bad.every user is popular user? But WhatsApp and Facebook also free app joing
Haider Hafeez review Haider Hafeez
Worst app
The most worst app I've ever seen! It needs lots of credits.
Is it allowed for seven year old kids to have it
Fazal Badiuzzaman review Fazal Badiuzzaman
Good app
Should ask for questions about a person when register the account at least a full profile, not selected should not be a option. And aslo search near by could be improved.
reinhard akai review reinhard akai
Could be better
Make this a free app, please. No points required. Thanks