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Offers Free
Version 2.0
Developer Jack Mahoney
Category Apps, Productivity
ID com.jack.modelmate
Requirements 1.0 and up

Scale Mate 2.0 APK description

Its functions are described below. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

-- Convert --
Use to convert actual measurements in a particular unit to a desired scale in the same or different units. Units available include m, cm, mm, ft, in, yds and any scale whole or decimal can be used ie: 1:25, 1:1200, 3:25

-- Fixed --
Use if you have a model of fixed size and want to find the scale needed to build a desired model. Actual refers to the item being modelled and the output is displayed in Scale required.

-- Speedo --
Using a known distance you can time a model to determine its speed. A scale of 1:1 will give the actual speed reading. Using another scale will give the speed if the model was in fact life size. For instance a scale of 1:20 will give a speed 20x greater than the real reading. Different distance and speed units can also be selected including m/s, km/h, mph and knots.
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Download (598.75 KB)

Latest change log:

Massive UI redesign, update highly recommended.

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Version Arch OS Updated
2.0 Universial Android 1.0+ 2016-08-30 (5 years ago)


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