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Scatter Slots - Free Casino Games & Vegas Slots
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📯 Greetings, Winner! The luckiest Slot Machines welcome you! Experience the stunning beauty of Scatter Slots! 📯

Over 20 Million players already discovered this 777 Vegas Casino Game and gave it their highest praise. Over 100 Free 777 Slots Adventures in Vegas Slot Machine Games and Jackpot Slots already await with even More coming your way. If you're looking for the very best Social Casino genre can offer - Look No Further! Start your Journey with 12,000,000 Free Coins Welcome Bonus!

Download Scatter Slots Now and enjoy:

🎰 Spin over 100 innovative 777 slots and even more are coming.

🎰 Play offline, even in the airplane or subway.

🎰 Endless free spins, re-spins, bonus games, wild jackpots as well as hourly and daily bonuses.

🎰 Quest system allows you to choose your own way of beating each and every level on your Path To Glory!

🎰 A Status System to reward the most loyal of players. The longer you play - the bigger the bonuses.

🎰 Tournament mode for those who desire to prove their worth to The World!

🎰 Enjoy the benefits of jackpots room with high stakes.

🎰 New updates, features, characters and stunning worlds to explore are coming your way!

🎰 Win massive coins packages and enjoy extra benefits in Bingo, Pachinko, Tabletops and more kinds of premium events!

🎰 You'll be under 777 lucky spell playing our magic slot casino masterpiece

🎰 Mozart, Beethoven, Bach and many more are here to bring the lucky sounds of Las Vegas to your ears

There are so many ways to win in featured Scatter Slots Machines, just chose your luckiest one:

* Hooting Owl - a Slot Game as classic as they get. Featuring Old School Reels, Generous Bonus Game and Plenty of Free Spins, the atmosphere of Las Vegas is strong with this one ;-)
* The Passion - Jackpot Slot with the Highest Stakes Out there! With 3 Huge Jackpots to win, Free Spins to fill your bank to the brim and Re-Spins to give you an extra edge, you’ll see your wins reach brand New heights!
* Lady Femida - Test your luck and spin The Wheel in the Land of Fortune in the Bonus Game. Get enough Re-Spins and you’ll activate Free Spins. Can you resist the allure of great riches? Do you want to? ;-)
* Fairy Tale - follow this playful fairy to the treasures! Search for your win in the Bonus Game. Re-Spins and Free Spins will keep you swimming in coins. Your Happily Ever After waits for you in this Slot Machine!
* Thief - This one is rightfully considered one of the best Slot Machines ever created. Stacked with features too! Frequent Re-Spins, Free Spins that are triggered by them, Bonus Game with generosity to spare and, if that wasn’t enough, a cumulative Jackpot! Strap in for a Wild ride, Slot Fans!

Your Epic Adventure starts Here and Now! Grab your 12,000,000 Welcome Bonus and strap-in for the very best Slots Game the world can offer you! Best of luck to you and have fun with Scatter Slots!

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Thank you and stay awesome!

From the Makers of Scatter Slots:
This game is intended for an adult audience and does not offer "real money gambling". Practice or success at social gaming does not imply future success at "real money gambling". Use of this application is governed by Murka's Terms of Service. Collection and use of personal data are subject to Murka's Privacy Policy.
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Scatter Slots - Free Casino Games & Vegas Slots APK reviews

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Jeff Davidson review Jeff Davidson
Great graphics, great design, fab music.
Tremendous time and thought were obviously put into this adventure/slot. I have found no equal out there. And, the best news ... rarely a hiccup in the function of the game. Kudos.
William Brown review William Brown
The most fecal slots you can play! DO NOT play Hell Queens! 80 spins with 2 wins! Well play it if you want to lose all of your coins. ALL of these slots have become a joke. I just spun 183x and ZERO free spins on Lady Femida. I just sit and laugh. Just watch the reels, you will see them switch at the last second...I recorded and replayed frame by frame, you can see it cheat you. Don't believe me, try it and see for yourself. DO NOT pay for coins, it is just money thrown away.
The game is like a beautiful woman because it keeps me goin and goinnsofort n so on.
Terina L. Harrington review Terina L. Harrington
Scatter Slots
My understanding is that Washington Residents are not allowed to gamble for Real Cash.... Since I am a Washington Resident - This law SUKS..... This is the best way to gamble I can????play⌚ anytime I/want... thx this app is so worth it....
Jamie Holt review Jamie Holt
Joys of Scatter Slots!
I LOVE love love this game ❤ I have been playing a little over 3 months and enjoy it everyday! I have literally stopped playing all other games. I have even gotten my boyfriend and daughter hooked! Love the challenges, and the excitement of getting closer to that next slot on the trail!
Larry Spikes review Larry Spikes
Luv this game! The graphics r awesome and the music is completely beyond anything else on the market! Awesome job! Keep up the great work! Update: the mobile app is starting to show it's age. Features don't work, and I've been trying for a week after uninstall and reinstall to connect to Facebook... To no avail. Come on Murka, either stick with the first baby, & keep it pretty, or come up with something new. This concept is awesome, but if it doesn't work, then what's the point?
Wendie Jordan review Wendie Jordan
This is by far my favorite Slot game! It's not like any other Slot game I've ever played! The graphics are great! Each level brings its own challenges! The hourly bonuses are better than other Slot games! But I must caution you... it's so addicting, that you'll want to play it every day, just like me!!!?
A Google user review A Google user
Have to admit great graphics and selection...but I've played a hole lots of other slot games but with all the other combined together yours cheats more than it should.. you can't make people buy some coin's when they can't keep from losing the one's they started with... I can't recommend this game to any of my friends..
Michael Powell review Michael Powell
A slot style game that has quests that have to be fulfilled before you can move on to the next level. This is very frustrating considering the poor chances of winning, I have literally made hundreds of spins only to lose all of my money and be bombarded with in-game purchase requests.
richard j bergeron review richard j bergeron
How are you supposed to get ahead when you bet 250,000 for 50 spins or more and you win 6,000 and 10,000? Why are those ridiculous returns on 250,000 even there ! What a rip! I went from over 42,000,000 to 8,000,000 in under 5 minutes with no wins and those ridiculous returns! Really sucks. And you think im going to buy tokens ?
Cyler Little review Cyler Little
I really like this game it's a nice layout and easy to follow. But the payouts are far to low. When you play and use your daily and hourly bonuses and can only play for 3 or 4 minuets it makes it hard to progress through game. I have been stuck at a quest and probably will never make it past unless you loosen up the win chances. Sad I can start playing woth 3 or 4 million and in life 5 minuets or less I am out of money. Not to mention to do some of the quests you don't have enough coins to complete them. Untill this is fixed I will leave this lower rating.
Kathy Weber review Kathy Weber
Best slot game ever! I'm a sucker for classical music and you captured me with my favorite Beethoven piece as soon as I started the game. The one time I've had a problem, they had it fixed within two hours. Graphics, incredible. Different modes, ingenious. Altered but recognizable music, intoxicating. And the payouts? Wow. Absolutely love it!
Finally made it to level 1000 after many months and lots of real $$ invested! What a let down!! 100 free spins with a minimum bet?? Why not max bet at this level? I'm sure that I'm not the only sucker that's been sucked into scatters slots without a payout!! Very disappointed
Stephanie Hall review Stephanie Hall
I loved this game at first. It was my favorite of the slot games that I have downloaded. Unfortunately, it keeps getting stuck. The screen says "Thank you for watching" but wont let me click out of it or go back. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it 3 times. And when I uninstall it again..I will not be getting it back. It's quite a shame.
Chris Coffee review Chris Coffee
This is a very good and very fun game. I've had a great deal of fun playing, but just this morning 1.5 billion (yes, billion) coins mysteriously disappeared from my balance with no explanation after the game kept freezing on the loading screen at exactly 59%. Now all that time and effort I out into building up my coins is gone for no reason. Very frustrating and it makes it difficult to want to play and recommend to others.