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1.13 · WildGamesNet

Make your own rules in school, punish hooligans, and become the best student!

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Version 1.13
Developer WildGamesNet
Category Games, Simulation
Requirements 4.1 and up

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The School and Neighborhood game invites you to return to the old good school times and take on the role of a student on duty. In order to leave school and enjoy long-awaited freedom, you need to complete several tasks from different teachers. Tasks are not as easy as you may expect, but to make things even worse, school hooligans will continuously bother you. You will hardly avoid fights in school. Your ultimate mission is to spend a day in school and accomplish all teachers’ errands in order to get home quicker and finally play computer games.

The game begins in the school neighborhood, just nearby your home. You should have no difficulty in getting to school. The school building itself is huge and consists of 4 floors. There are lots of classrooms and long corridors as well as a spacious cafeteria. A lot of students attend senior school. Being on duty here is quite a challenge!

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School and Neighborhood Game latest version

According to the storyline, you are a player in the craft game. You want to get home as quickly as possible and spend free time playing favorite computer games. But to do so, you need to fulfill all the tasks which your teachers assign to you. Besides that, you need to cope with a hooligan gang also known as school monsters.
Since the gates are locked, you will not be able to escape from school, and you will have to find another way out. You will not have a school map either, but this only makes the whole experience even more challenging and exciting.

If you love school simulators, then the School and Neighborhood game is a must-have for you!
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Download (74.39 MB)

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1.13 Universial Android 4.1+ 2021-07-23 (1 week ago)
1.10 Universial Android 4.1+ 2021-07-23 (1 week ago)
1.05 Universial Android 4.1+ 2021-07-23 (1 week ago)
1.12 Universial Android 4.1+ 2021-07-23 (1 week ago)
1.01 Universial Android 4.1+ 2021-07-23 (1 week ago)
1.06 Universial Android 4.1+ 2021-07-23 (1 week ago)
1.22 (2 variants) Universial 2021-06-17 (1 month ago)
1.21 (2 variants) Bundles arm64_v8a_14160434.apk Android 4.1+ 2021-06-13 (1 month ago)