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Scooby Doo: Saving Shaggy APK reviews

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Tim Parkinson review Tim Parkinson
Its good
Its good i wont give it 5 stars thow i just dont think its perfect thats all but its still a great game!!!!! :)
Ishita Mathur review Ishita Mathur
I don't know how this Game gets 4.2 rating ??? This is so stupid game for kids under 8 years old. ? You should NEVER & EVER INSTALL THIS STUPID THING NAMING AS GAME. ????????? Uninstalling this Game
Tharusha Dias review Tharusha Dias
I like scooby doo cartoon and this great game is wanderful
Isabella Timothy review Isabella Timothy
awsome game i would say!
priya singh review priya singh
Level 7
Imposibble level 7 part 2
Yolandi T.V review Yolandi T.V
This is the best game in my life
Hafsa Nasir review Hafsa Nasir
Great game I loved it. All Scooby doo games are best I love Scooby doo games please try it now.
Parvati Kabbur review Parvati Kabbur
It's fun and as the levels keeps increasing it gets more and more interesting
aliza arshad review aliza arshad
I just love this game
Demi Morris review Demi Morris
Great and fun !
This game is awesome i love it and play it nearly 24/7 best game i have on my tablet ?
Hano-i Xybille Asio review Hano-i Xybille Asio
Hated it
Anastasija Iljica review Anastasija Iljica
Love it
I have been amazed by the game because it a very good game and it made me feel like Scooby doo so I will never forget to play it and I will not delete this game and I will feedback all the time??????????????????????I will!
azka naeem review azka naeem
Its gud but
My son liked this game very much but the last stage 8 Square is not working from the part 7. Kindly fix it..
Zoe Mcphee review Zoe Mcphee
OH MY STINKY GOD I REALLY HATE THAT GAME SUCKS SO MUCH, I hate Scooby Doo that he has a lots of films and television shows than Tom and Jerry, that's really sucks. I wish that Tom and Jerry would shoot Scooby Doo and then Tom and Jerry can have a happy ending. By ways that stupid is really boring.
Stupid game in the world ?