ScreenMirroring Patch APK

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(*) Application
This application is patch to resolve Screen Mirroring problem after OS upgrade.
Download and install the application by following the popup messages.

(*) AllShare Cast(Screen Mirroring)
‘AllShare Cast(or Screen Mirroring)' on Samsung phone provides new sharing function.
It technology allows enable content on your Phone screen to be share with a nearby TV or Projector.
AllShare Cast Dongle supports to interoperate with HDMI enabled device via AllShare Cast and to stream contents.
AllShare Cast Dongle allows sharing videos and images with friends and family. Also you can enjoy mobile games on large TV screen.

ScreenMirroring Patch APK reviews

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Sorin Marin review Sorin Marin
My Note 3 don't work sound after lollipop update...
Jackie Martinez review Jackie Martinez
Didn't work
I have a note 2 and well it didn't work. I tried installing it again but it still didn't work.
Semo Nemo review Semo Nemo
Why Patch is not needed??
I have the screen mirroring problem in my S5, after installing this app, it says "patch is not needed"..!!!
Leighton dunn review Leighton dunn
i own the new s6 edge and screen mirror still not working for my samsung tv. fix it please
Mike L review Mike L
Can't connect after lollypop
My alpha connected great to my allshare cast hub until lollypop upgrade. It crashes everyone I try to connect now. My Samsung tablets running KitKat still connect great, but no fix yet for phone.
Richard White review Richard White
Claims the patch is not needed. And yet I'm getting THE SAME ERROR THAT EVERYONE ELSE GETS WHEN I ATEEMPT TO SCREENCAST! Connects and then turns itself off! Patch not working! Galaxy Note2 with Android 4.4.2 and running Kernel 3.0.3- FIX IT!!!
Jun Lee review Jun Lee
it doesn't work with the Android 4.4. 2
Please update your app then I will change my rating!!
Kyle Newlin review Kyle Newlin
It doesn't work. I can't connect to my TV or bluray player even with this supposed patch.
john argue review john argue
Did nothing for me
Phone_ rooted samsung galaxy t399. ...Tv_ is samsung un32h6203 .(32 inch smart tv. ) ....unable to start mirrorring due to hardware issue.
Miles WC review Miles WC
Sam 2 upgraded
Kies software online will upgrade the older version of the Samsung 2 up to couple newer versions from what I understand the software is the upgrade to a point.The phones for the most part have the same hardware in them.So really a S2 can be a S3 with the kies upgrade.They just won't tell you. All about the $$$.
Kazmi Syed review Kazmi Syed
Not working :(
I have Sony bravia and Samsung galaxy S3. Screen mirroring doesn't work.
Mike Wilmot review Mike Wilmot
Says NOT needed...
Says NOT needed, but since upgrading to android 5.0 lollipop on Galaxy Note 3, screen mirroring is VERY laggy/choppy, whereas before upgrading it worked perfectly!
Richard Leach review Richard Leach
It works
After installing the patch and having my Samsung tv updated, it works perfectly again.
Nicola Paton review Nicola Paton
Need help
Helped me cast when my S5 was on 4.42. S5 did an update to 5.0 and now it won't cast to my xbox one. Please can u do a new fix? Then will give 5 stars. Cheers :D xx
Andrew Durman review Andrew Durman
What's the point of having a software repair (patch) that doesn't work (patch) ?????? 17/12/2014 still not working how do samsung get away with NOT resolving software issues on their products??? Still not working 26/01/15 Samsung make hardware..THEN!! There software destroys it? :-/