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Learn English Sentence Master Pro
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Learn English and grammar free by ordering the words to form correct sentences and sayings. Sentence Master is a fun and educational game for kids and English language students of all ages who want to learn and improve their language skills in a more entertaining way.

How do you play?

It’s easy. The game consists of putting the scrambled words from each level in order to form a correct sentence. (Beginner, skilled, professional, expert, sayings.)

If you make a mistake and click the English Word in the incorrect order, there is a time penalty.

Once you have completed the sentence you will receive a score based on how fast you were and your total number of errors.

You can share your knowledge with other players worldwide thanks to online multiplayer mode or with your friends on Game Center.

Are you an English student who wants to improve your skills? Sentence Master will help you organize the words in your sentences correctly.

Are you an English expert who wants to show off your skills? Prove it in Competition mode on Game Center.

Sentence Master is the first game of its kind designed and developed completely by educators to help students eliminate the most common mistake among English language learners, correct word order. With four levels from beginner to expert, Sentence Master is a challenge for everyone from the Beginner to the most seasoned English language communicators. The Proverbs and Sayings level is a great way to learn and remember popular English idioms and expressions.

These are the levels:

Beginner: Ideal for children. This level contains the easiest sentences with the fewest words to unscramble.

Skilled: This is where things start to get harder. This level is great for adults who are beginning their English language learning adventure.

Professional: Great for users with a solid base in English who want to keep their skills up to date.

Expert: Only for those with the most proficient English skills. Are you one of them?

Proverbs and Sayings: Every language has its idioms and expressions. Learning the refrains of the language of Shakespeare has never been so fun.

Do you have what it takes to become the next Sentence Master? Try your luck in single player mode or against friends and other players worldwide. Learn English with a smile on your face.

Designed and developed by masterKey games and the educators at masterKey english.

Learn English Sentence Master Pro APK reviews

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A Google user review A Google user
It's a a good way to learn English, I love it
pro stomper review pro stomper
Even the expert level is pretty easy and not up to the mark.
Michael Doherty review Michael Doherty
I use this with not only my own kids but also at work when teaching adult classes. Great all round APP that's easy to use, fun and really tailored to suit all levels. Perfect for all ages levels, all ability levels.
Russell Cheek review Russell Cheek
Excellent educational app. A little frustrating to tap the words quickly, however, because the remaining words MOVE toward the center as you use the words, causing you to tap where there's no word, or to tap the wrong word and counting it as a "mistake"... UPDATE: Developer let me know that I can turn off the animated words feature - makes it MUCH better for me - perhaps others will like it...
Callum Gilchrist review Callum Gilchrist
Fun game. There is a little lag,which often results in mistakes when you are trying to be fast but otherwise no issues. Multiplayer works well and adds to the playability
Naveen Prashanth review Naveen Prashanth
I enjoyed the gameplay. I would have given 5 star rating if there are more achievements to complete in play games. All over, the sentences are awesome. Also, Please try to improve the speed of going to next level. Please consider these two issues
Ivana F review Ivana F
The game has huge potential and good to kill time. Actually very good. But it still needs some work. ⚒
Cedric Feune review Cedric Feune
It is a good game and help me learn English, but i hate the fact i never met anyone for playing in multiplayer mode
Vishal Tambrahalli review Vishal Tambrahalli
It is not as responsive sometimes. There's adelay in touching the word and it being selected. For people who are quite fast, it poses a problem as mistakes are made because the response to touch is too slow.
Ruth Christiansen review Ruth Christiansen
Great idea, but needs some improvement. I have found some errors in grammar, for example using an apostrophe to indicate plural. I would be happy to send screen shots, but haven't found a way to go back to previous screens. Another small complaint is that higher levels have some sentences that make no sense when used out of context. That said, I am still enjoying the game and will probably recommend it to my EFL students.
Joseph Pitpitunge review Joseph Pitpitunge
I would definitely give 5 star if you can let us touch the words in a fast way and go to the next level. I think, people absolutely have the same thing in mind as mine. So, please consider this one. Thank you. ? WE WILL WAIT FOR YOUR UPDATE!
Shashank Adluri review Shashank Adluri
We can form different sentence from the given words like "The music you here in it" 'You here the music in it' Kindly correct the sentence formation for some sentence guys cauz it can trouble or doubt themselves who already know grammer... This is awesome word game and make more educational games.. THANKS
Iblim the Changeling review Iblim the Changeling
It's got good potential, but is ruined by examples of sentences that require specific arangements of words (for example; the game does not accept "They are sister and brother" but does accept "They are brother and sister"), and the occasional grammatical error (I admittedly only encountered one in my short playthrough). The game is still enjoyable enough. Though I feel some further work is required, perhaps allowing multiple solutions where applicable could prove beneficial.
Patrick Rosenheim review Patrick Rosenheim
The game has it's problems. You need to make the EXACT sentence that the game wants you to, even if there other ways to construct a sentence. For example: You get the following words "brothers, She, four, sisters, has, and". The sentence you need to create is "She has four brothers and sisters" not "She has four sister and brothers".
Subhajit Dutta review Subhajit Dutta
Only one problem is that, one of those option start with capital letter, so basically I know which will be the first word.