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Service Menu Explorer for LG
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NOTE: Don't ask for support on how to modify the parameters and functionality of your TV.

Look at the end of description for compatible android devices

Why have I to buy a new remote controller (like Logitech Harmony Remote) when I have an Android phone? It does much more at a smaller price and you can take it with you anywhere!
This application (the 1st and only that work through network connection and infrared) is very simple, use it to enable the two secret service menu of LG TVs, so you can have extra functionality like DIVX and DVR and much more! In addition to that, the app is also a remote controller and allows you to use the DVR functionality. You can control all TV models from the old to the newer. Only 2011 models supports network connection, for all other models you must use infrared. Supported infrared are phones with builtin infrared transmitter o infrared dongle like IRDroid V1.0 (open source project at connected to headphone connector. The application is tested with 42LW650G and some 2013 / 2014 models.

This is an unofficial LG application. It lets you enter and edit the parameters and the features (THX, THX cinema, DVR, DIVX, USB, Language ... ) of the LG televisions equipped with WIFI or Ethernet connection, by entering the two secret Service Menu 1 and 2. Editing parameters and functions in the secret menus can damage or cause malfunctioning of the TV device if used without expertise. These damages could invalidate the warranty. Some of the devices could miss some of the software features. The user is responsible for every action made with this application and underwrites the full responsibility for that. The company and its employees disclaim all responsibility for damages caused to person or things consequent to the use of this software.

- HTC all models with infrared are supported

- SAMSUNG all models with infrared are supported

- LG only device listed below are compatible (list is provided by LG technical support) for any issue you have to contact LG customer support directly.
G Flex2 (LGAS995, LG-F510K, LG-F510L, LG-F510S, LG-H950, LG-H955, G-H959, LGLS996, LGUS995)
G2 (LG-D800, LG-D801, LG-D802, LG-D802T, LG-D802TR, LG-D805, LG-D806, LG-F320K, LG-F320L, LG-F320S, LG-LS980)
G3 (AS985, LG-AS990, LG-D850, LG-D851, LG-D852, LG-D852G, LG-D855, LG-F400K, LG-F400L, LG-F400S, LGUS990, VS985 4G)
G3 Cat6 (LG-F460K, LG-F460L, LG-F460S)
G3 A (LG-F410S)
G3 Screen (LG-F490L)
G Pro2 (LG-D838, LG-F350K, LG-F350L, LG-F350S)
G4 (AS986, LG-AS811, LG-AS991, LG-F500K, LG-F500L, LG-F500S, LG-H810, LG-H811, LG-H812, LG-H815, LG-H818, LG-H819, LGLS991, LGUS991, VS986)
V10 (LG-F600K, LG-F600L, LG-F600S, LG-H900, LG-H900PR, LG-H901, LG-H960, LG-H961AN, LG-H961N, LG-H961S, LG-H962, LG-H968, RS987, VS990)
All new LG Android smartphones launching from 2016 with IR Blaster and QRemote (or QuickRemote) app

- SONY not compatible, this is not an app limitation, but a SONY problem, SONY is not compliant with Google directives.

For all other devices with KITKAT or newer with infrared should work, but is not guaranteed

For all devices that doesn't have a compatible IR transmitter, we suggest to use an external IR dongle on headphone connector. IRDroid V1 is fulli tested and supported.

Service Menu Explorer for LG APK reviews

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Deanna Josephson review Deanna Josephson
Although the quick remote works on my LG G3 to control my LG 6300 TV, this app does not. Is this app updated for LG 2015 models?
George Onyango review George Onyango
App initialization pending, try again
How do I fix this? Installed in Galaxy S5.
Stewart Sloan review Stewart Sloan
Great app
Shawn Sato-Veillon review Shawn Sato-Veillon
Not working, on nexus 10 w/dongle or wifi
I REALLY was excited about the possibility of this app. I use my phone as a remote for my TV all the time via wifi, so thought for sure it would work. It won't connect to the TV at all. No settings or instructions to be found.
Quite good tool to use
Sometimes the buttons do not respond and i believe it caused by infrared connection. Finally the application performed the required changes, so i am giving 5 stars. Tested with LG G3 phone.
Alex Wong review Alex Wong
Changed Area Code on my LG TV
Managed to install 4k Netflix and other apps on tv now. Great application!
Steve Flanagan review Steve Flanagan
Bought a 55UH625V a couple of weeks ago. After loads of useless info on Google gave this a shot. Pressed the red button and straight in to the service menu. 10/10. Anyone know which settings to change so it will recognise a USB hub?
Ron Goldsmith review Ron Goldsmith
Tried it on my S5 Galaxy with a 2nd hand TV (2010 model 42LD450) to change from Central European to Australian region and it worked perfectly. Would prefer some on screen help or guide as the buttons were not self explanatory though.
Kelly Truesdell review Kelly Truesdell
This is the one app that opened up the hidden service menu on my LG TV and allowed me to remove the 2 hour limit on the timer. Works great as a remote as well. Thank you!
Mike Colbourne review Mike Colbourne
Seems to be working. I have a LG G5 and I had to put it into compatibility mode. G5 on the telus network in Canada.
Anshuman Sharma review Anshuman Sharma
App is working on 2017 Super UHD 49SJ800T (WEBOS 3.5)
A Google user review A Google user
This is a very good app and extremely usefull to have . Works perfectly and good and clear instructions
Jono Nash review Jono Nash
Service and assistance:
I love that the app is so smooth, I emailed for help and the response was almost instantaneous. Problem was resolved! Keep up the great work, much appreciated!
Thomas Caraccio review Thomas Caraccio
Works perfectly, unlocked hd video playback from usb drive on my TV!
Romy Dua review Romy Dua
Great app!
Great app. Worked on my new 2015 LG 4k set and LG G3. Was able to enable ac3 passthrough on the tv.