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Shisha - The Lost Souls: Anime Moe Horror Game

2.0.9 · Genius Studio Japan Inc.

Can you protect the one that you love…?

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Version 2.0.9
Developer Genius Studio Japan Inc.
Category Games, Simulation
ID studio.genius.jhorror
Requirements 5.0 and up

Shisha - The Lost Souls: Anime Moe Horror Game 2.0.9 APK description

* You can play this game until the end for free!
* Choose your actions wisely to protect your friends and grow closer to them!
* Search for a way to escape the dark world you’ve been trapped in - and the vengeful ghost that haunts it.

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Shisha - The Lost Souls: Anime Moe Horror Game latest version


Life in Tokoyomi Village is quiet and peaceful. Yet the tiny village has a single restriction in place: no one may cross into the secluded Sealed Forest until the coming-of-age ceremony when they’re officially recognized as an adult.

If you enter the Sealed Forest as a child, Lady Chiyo will come to take you away.

You’ve never broken the restriction despite your dreams of adventure. On the day of your friend Hayato’s coming-of-age ceremony, however, you and your friends follow him into the Sealed Forest and find yourselves trapped in a world of eternal twilight, where shadow children play amidst dark trees and the ghost of Lady Chiyo stalks your every move.

Will you escape the Twilight World?

* [Mysterious and Lonely] Sayoko
In the Twilight World, you meet a shrine maiden named Sayoko. She has no memory of her past and offers to help protect you. At first she seems almost emotionless, yet behind her impassive exterior, you discover a kind, compassionate soul. Who is this mysterious girl, and why is she in the Twilight World?

* [Stubborn and Brash] Azusa
Azusa doesn’t have the best social graces, and she’s intent on leaving Tokoyomi Village to return to Tokyo. Now she’s trapped in the Twilight World with you, and her aggressive nature could cause trouble. But is that truly who she is, or is it only a mask to hide her fears? Will you be the one to help her?

* [Refined and Elegant] Kotomi
Your childhood friend Kotomi was always by your side as you two grew up alongside Hayato. In recent years, however, she’s changed and become much more reserved, and distance has grown between you. Yet you can’t help but wonder what led to her change… and what secrets she holds in her heart.

The Twilight World is a deadly place, and Lady Chiyo is intent on claiming your souls. Can you unravel the truth behind this world and find a way to escape?
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