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Shopping Mall Girl - Dress Up & Style Game APK reviews

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Super fun and girly no inappropriate things at all my daughter really enjoys playing it.
lata jain review lata jain
Pls unlock all.otherwise it's boring
Alexys Alexander review Alexys Alexander
Its a good game.
Yeah its a good game and all but, you have to pay to play a good majority of the game. I mean you have to pay 5 dollars just to be able to change your hair. Don't think a virtual game about shopping is worth 5 bucks. Plus the ads are just nonstop in the game as well. I apologize if I'm being rude in any way but this is just all my opinion and I'm just getting annoyed at the game for not being able to play it without buying the "full version".
I kind of like this game and I kind of don't like this game so I gave it like four stars so sorry company.??????✌?
Abid Gerewal review Abid Gerewal
Its a nice game! But every Coco games have lots of stuff locked
maymol bijoy review maymol bijoy
??Cool? ??? ? ??
Lori Vigil review Lori Vigil
More ads than game play!
deeptee kale review deeptee kale
This is destiny for all shopaholics
Maja Siuda review Maja Siuda
It's ok
This game needs somet added plus why do u give the half version all the time when it's clothing and stuff ?
Judy Tamer Mohamed Tamer review Judy Tamer Mohamed Tamer
It is fun
I loved it so much this is the best game ever I had I never saw a nice game like this please make more
Chandan Randhawa review Chandan Randhawa
I like this game a lot ya it's right that this game contains add but this game was very interesting I love this game a lot all should download this game this game was good for everyone and all should play this game from a kid to a elder one all will enjoy this game I am always win in this game but there was one problem that this game can't unlock all the stores l love to play sporty club but that was locked that is my main problem but I was forget that and play this game I just love every it
Briana Fowler review Briana Fowler
I would love it if I wouldn't have to pay real money I mean come on real money I don't understand but fake money that you earn I understand
Jessica Scott review Jessica Scott
This game is awesome,u should definately install this!!-the clothes r so cute and very stylish even though it's on an app!!i recommend this game if u like shopping because it puts u in your own fashion world online...i absolutely love shopping so that is one of the many reasons why i love it!!!the style contest is really cool!!!the only downside is some of the prettiest clothes r locked,but overall uts amazing
Princess Chavez review Princess Chavez
Its really fun you should try it but you have to pay for everything rhat is not unlocked if you want to play with it
This game is very very very very very very Best game in world.There are so many fun to play this game. Please install this game. I have 4 tab. I install this game in all four tab. I am 10 years old and my name is Palak S. Sonawane. I love this game.☺???????✌?????✋✒?.Ok By