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2.0.2 · Andy Bryant

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Offers Free
Version 2.0.2
Developer Andy Bryant
Category Apps, Productivity
Requirements 2.1 and up

Shuffle 2.0.2 APK description

Thanks for checking out Shuffle, a personal organisational tool, styled around the Getting Things Done methodology. Shuffle is a dumping ground for ideas and tasks. It lets you rapidly create and organise your actions, relieving you of the stress of trying to remember everything you need to get done. Since Shuffle is a mobile application, you will have it with you where ever you are. You can always add an idea you've just had, or quickly check what's on the top of your list of actions.

A simple elegant workflow encourages you to categorise your actions into projects and optionally provide a context. This structure lets you to break down formidable projects into individual achievable actions. As a project evolves over time, you can clean out old actions as they're performed, add new actions and reorder any remaining actions depending on your current priorities.
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Download (2.47 MB)

Latest change log:

* Fixed active filter
* Translation fixes

* Prevent soft keyboard popping up

* Complete ICS inspired UI rewrite
* Multiple contexts per action
* Context and project specific widgets and shortcuts
* Swipe to navigate
* New widget (scrollable on ICS)
* Multi-select operations
* Quick add bar for actions, contexts and projects
* Ability to filter by project or context
* More and higher resolution context icons
* New Custom view

Other version

Version Arch OS Updated
2.0.2 Universial Android 2.1+ 2015-09-17 (7 years ago)