SideSqueeze APK

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SideSqueeze analyzes data from the barometric pressure sensor in your phone to detect both squeeze and press type gestures, and then performs an action of your choosing. Its efficient detection algorithm is designed to be as lightweight and low-power as possible with no noticeable impact on battery life.

Unfortunately every phone (and case) is unique. Some devices, even of the same model, are more sensitive than others, and harder cases can add another variable by absorbing more of your squeeze. In the likely event that this app doesn't perform well out-of-the-box, please refer to the 'Help/FAQ' section of the app to perform a calibration to your unique combination.

SideSqueeze can perform many common actions, however certain ones (immersive status/nav toggles, rotation toggle) require a command to be run via Android Developer Bridge (adb). Instructions can be found from within the app on the [Help / FAQ] tab. This step only needs to be performed once.

- Adjustable pressure threshold
- Pressure gauge to help you find the best trigger threshold
- Action while screen-on
- Action while screen-off (requires a wakelock, eg. playing music)
- Action on home screen [Pro only] (one-time adb command required)
- Action on lock screen [Pro only]
- Long squeeze while screen-on
- Long squeeze on home screen [Pro only] (one-time adb command required)
- Long squeeze on lock screen [Pro only]
- ForcePress

SideSqueeze Pro:
- Removes the trial nag every 5 activations
- Unlocks the ability to perform a different action on the homescreen (one-time adb command required)
- Unlocks the ability to perform a different action on the lockscreen
- Unlocks any future functionality

Q: Won't accessibility services slow down my phone?
A: SideSqueeze does not affect the performance of your device in any way. Many people know that granting accessibility services to an app can cause a significant decrease in performance. However that only applies to apps that request lots of information (eg. hundreds of updates when a list is scrolled). SIDESQUEEZE DOES NOT REQUEST ANYTHING. Instead the need for accessibility services is only a formality in order to gain the ability to "press" keys like Home, Recents, and Back. SideSqueeze will never slow your phone down!

Q: Will this work on any phone?
A: It has only been tested on the S8+ and Note8. Other watersealed devices may work, too. Unfortunately it is important that your device must be watersealed, otherwise there is nothing to detect. There have been rare reports of users attaining limited functionality on non-watersealed devices.

Upcoming features:
- Multifinger ForcePress
- Custom app picker
- More support for rooted users, including extended actions (eg. press power, clear notifications, etc)