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Get the most out of your favorite 🏁 racing sims with the SIM Dashboard Companion App.

Use your Android smartphone or tablet as a freely configurable auxiliary display.

Ceate your own designs with the easy 🎨 editor or use the included templates.

Choose from a large number of widgets like analog displays, [3] gear indicator, ⛽️ fuel usage, lap times, 🚥 RPM LED Bars and many more.

Configure everything just as you want it and share your best creations with your friends!

Supported games
This app supports more than 40 games on PC, PS4 and Xbox One like:
• American Truck Simulator - ATS
• Assetto Corsa (PC/PS4)
• Assetto Corsa Competizione - ACC
• Automobilista
• DiRT Rally 2.0 (PC)
• DiRT 4 (PC)
• DiRT Rally (PC)
• Euro Truck Simulator 2 - ETS2
• Farming Simulator 19 (PC) - FS19
• Forza Horizon 4
• Forza Motorsport 7
• F1 2019
• F1 2018
• F1 2017 - 16
• F1 2015 - 10 (PC)
• GRID 2019 (PC)
• Grid Autosport
• iRacing
• OMSI 2
• Project Cars 2 - pcars2
• Project Cars - pcars
• RaceRoom Racing Experience - R3E
• rFactor
• rFactor 2
• Richard Burns Rally - RBR
• TrackMania 2
... AND MORE! Check the website for the complete and up to date list of supported games!

Most relevant features

» Create your personal layouts
• Move and scale your widgets
• Change colors
• Additional options in every widget
• Use your own graphics
• Select from cool templates

» More than 200 different widgets
RPM, Speed, Gear Indicator, Shift light, RPM LED Bars, Lap times (Live, Last, Best, Delta, Split), G-Force, Position, ...
depending on game: Temperatures (Water, Oil, Tire, Brake, Ambient), Turbopressure, Fuel, Tire Wear, Tire dirt level ...

» Dynamic dials
• Auto scale for analog dials

» Live Trackmaps
• Capture track maps
• Show the current position on the map
• Camera can automatically follow the driver
• Feature not supported by all games!

» RPM LED Bars
• Multiple designs
• Change colors, LED count, thresholds
• Select the running direction

» Available units
• km/h / mph
• °C / °F / Kelvin
• bar / kPa / psi
• l / gal / kg

» Share your designs with your friends
» Button Box (PC only), use virtual buttons to execute keystrokes on your PC

Test the free version without a time limit and use one layout and up to three widgets per game.
In order to achieve its full potential, you can remove the restrictions with in app purchases.

You can connect your device either using an active WiFi connection between the gaming pc / console and the android device or by using a USB Tethering connection between your pc and android device.
The variety of widgets can differ per game

Problems or questions?
If you encounter problems or have additional questions, please dont give a negative rating.
Check the help pages on first. You can also contact me and I try to solve the problem. E-mail: info(at)

The app needs some permissions to make everything as simple as possible. This is a short summary why the permissions are required.

INTERNET: For network communication with the game
ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: Check if the network is connected
ACCESS_WIFI_STATE: Check if WiFi is activated on your device
BILLING: For the In App purchases
CAMERA: To get designs from friends by scaninng a QR code
VIBRATE: To vibrate when successfully scanned a QR code
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE / READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: To store your designs temporarily when sharing them

The Software is provided "as is," with all faults, defects, bugs, and errors. All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Names are used for identification purposes only.

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leyo odulio review leyo odulio
Tried it pcars and loved it. Asetto corsa ps4 please. I am using a separate app for it. Thanks a lot and keep em combo widgets coming.
DriftWagon FTW review DriftWagon FTW
The app is just awesome..Now that you have added Rfactor support..One thing I would suggest is adding more tachometer widgets like the ones from classic cars
Mario Leitao review Mario Leitao
This Hud Dash with a restyling, so I only see 2 things, some things were stolen from HudDash or the Dev want to make more money rebranding the app. Edit: from the response from the Dev I can only assume he stole from HudDash, allot of things are the same, even the widgets are equal. Even the 3 widgets trial it's the same thing, anyone o have tried our bought Hud Dash will see what I mean...
Komjaty Daniel review Komjaty Daniel
Hi, it would be awesome if you could add HUD mode to it, so anybody that has a HUD for a car can play on pc with it too. :)
Barry Mullan review Barry Mullan
Works perfect and the support is great
Ferrariboy99 Tobias review Ferrariboy99 Tobias
How come there is no Assetto Corsa dash for Xbox? Got a reply, fair play not your fault.
CorvetteZR1 review CorvetteZR1
I love the app when I installed it I expected lag but there wasn't any lag. I wish they had a American truck simulator configuration that would be very cool
Spire review Spire
This app is simply amazing for the price of the full package. The layout maker can be a little cumbersome at times but sometimes you can get around this by using a mouse. What I would love to see is a program on the PC where you can make the layout there and then transport the files onto your phone online or something.
Toto Geenen review Toto Geenen
It won't let me launch the app just because I have lucky patcher installed. I don't have root and I haven't tempered with the app so not letting me launch the app just because lucky patcher is installed is stupid! I used to love this app and I used it allot and now I can't use it anymore. Really sad....
Kevin Michaels review Kevin Michaels
I love this app. This is one of the best Sim dashboards I have seen.
chud67bbc review chud67bbc
Works great. Many templates to choose from. Compatibility with most sim.
Paul Reinke review Paul Reinke
Very good
G Oss review G Oss
Great app . the guy who was complaining about paying.. How do u things get developed it cost money its on like 12 bucks dont be cheap
Karl Caldicott review Karl Caldicott
This app actually works excellent with project cars 1/2 on ps4 really impressed made multi displays been using four about a month now never had a problem yet well worth getting if your into sim racing....
Chad Martinock review Chad Martinock
Use on ps4 f12017, added fun and practical utility to the game, love the ability to create and customize text, colors, icons, images, etc. Very useful.