SimCity BuildIt APK reviews

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Muhammad Mohamed Afni review Muhammad Mohamed Afni
Take out the global trade
The global trade is useless. It is hard enough to have the item you want listed, but when it is, it is always sold out. The fact that you have to travel to the sellers city to buy the item makes things worse, because the loading screen took around 5sec each time. You can easily spend hours if not days on global trade and ends up with nothing.
Mayra Stender review Mayra Stender
It's fun
Is really fun to play when it doesn't kick you out for no reason or it says that the SimCity has crash and it wants me to submit the problem and when I submitted it still keeps logging me off.
Chris Bailey review Chris Bailey
Bugs and Crashes
I love the game but as it gets updated It gets less stable. I can't play more than 30 seconds with either my Note3 or LG G pad 8.3 before the game stops and crashes on me. Also trading needs a search feature.
Patrick Perry review Patrick Perry
Global Trade is a joke
Global trade is a joke - devs obviously dont read complaints because instead of fixing issues they just try to add new features that make the game less and less stable. You have a better chance of getting what you are after popping thought bubbles then searching global trade. Heres a thought - redesign global trade with a search function and live update so you dont ever see "item sold" when you finally get to the selling city and work on game stability before trying to add new stuff. I'd rather have a usable global trade than some lame beach.
Jason Martin review Jason Martin
Great way to ignore the real world!
Lose yourself in this world, while trying to keep up with the demands of your very needy Sims. Great way to lose a few hours of your life each day. Downside is it takes too long to build up currency to be able to Prof de for all your Son's needs.
Marshawn Lynch review Marshawn Lynch
Trade market makes you pull hair out!
It's simple, fix global trade. It is the very reason that I get aggravated and put the phone down.
Sidharth Babu review Sidharth Babu
Very good game... But...
The best battery draining app ever ?? and of course crashes very often even if the game is not at all lagging on my phone..
Dakota Kennedy review Dakota Kennedy
I love this game!
There is just one thing I don't like, and that's that I can not add other players cities to my friends unless we are Facebook friends. I also would like to be able to message other players and comment on their cities and chat with them but that's not as important. When I buy supplies and visit someone's city and then I look at their city (yes for the bonus) and I like what I see I'd like to be able to friend them and watch their city grow.
Rafal Kossowski review Rafal Kossowski
Not fun..
This is not the sim city we all liked.. Fire stations have to be build on almost every street for citizens to be happy - ridiculous! There aren't any good ways to earn money, and everything costs a lot of it. In the end there's nothing to do in here, apart from waiting for 100th iron beam to be completed. I don't recommend installing it. Cute looking graphics though...
Stephen Hunt review Stephen Hunt
Global Trade HQ sucks
If you agree, let them hear it!! I used to play a lot, many months ago. I wasted time trying to obtain expansion & other items from Global Trade HQ. I'll play again & give 5 stars when HQ is fixed. HQ should be a more realistic trading platform: searchable, no timer, & no price limits. I should get to set a max limit price I'll pay for an item or min limit price I'll sell, & HQ lines up my transaction, which goes thru when another player matches my offer. Visiting other cities should be a separate feature.
Nathaniel A. review Nathaniel A.
Galaxy Note 4
Been playing for about an hour,and it keeps shutting down. Great game though.
James Bernardin review James Bernardin
Last update sucks!
The last update makes my game crash, otherwise it's a great game. And I don't like that the materials you need to expand take up inventory space.
Natalie Rowe review Natalie Rowe
Needs more expansion!
Can not buy or find enough dozer parts to expand the city. Constantly heading to HQ to look for parts and not able to find them or purchase them as they sell super fast. You need to make them available to purchase or earn more readily. Getting bored of looking for parts that are never available.
Matthew Lashinski review Matthew Lashinski
Not bad for what it is.
This is a good game to pass the time. Not like the original sim city, but still fun. Wish you could refine a search in the marketplace. There is enough people playing this that you should be able to search for what you need. Do that and 5 star rating.
Kenny Wee review Kenny Wee
You need to improve how the Global Trade works..
It is a great update but however the way how Global Trade works is still a big issue. It is so so hard for us to buy the rare item from the global trade, always failed and it always says the item no longer available as someone else had bought it no matter how fast we try to buy it. It is even totally not possible at all for players who have slower internet connection. Besides, I believe the items in global trade are opened for sales to a big pool of buyers; it causes too many buyers for every single items.