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Skin Editor for Minecraft is a great tool for you to edit and apply Minecraft skins to all platforms.

You don't need BlockLauncher to use Skin Editor (Although you can still use it as an option)

These are Skin Editor for Minecraft features:

1. Create a new Minecraft skin
- Default skin (Steve, Alex, Blank skin)
- Steal player skins from the internet by typing names
- Random online skins
- Browse skins from catalog
- Import skins from your gallery

2. Edit Minecraft skins to fit your needs with these powerful tools
- Pencil
- Bucket (Fill tool)
- Color wheel
- Color palette
- Eye dropper
- Moving tools
- Zoom in/out tools
- Undo button
- 3D Hat feature

3. Rotating your character in 6 directions
- Front view
- Back view
- Left view
- Right view
- Top view
- Bottom view

4. Adjust visibility of your character. Editing Minecraft skins had never been this easy.

5. Export skins in 4 different ways
- Export directly to Minecraft Pocket Edition
- Export to BlockLauncher
- Export to your gallery
- Export to email

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Skin Editor for Minecraft is not developed by Mojang. Minecraft is a trademark of Mojang AB. Please note that we are not affiliated with Mojang AB but we adhere to the terms set out by Mojang AB at

Skin Editor for Minecraft APK reviews

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hamster& King review hamster& King
Really awesome
I love this app. Super helpfull. Takes some getting use to,but awesome!!! ALSO THIS ISNT A GAME IT IS SOMETHING TO USE GOR A SKIN TO LOOK GOOD SO DONT SAY ITS BORING IF ITS NOT EVEN A GAME...
Creeper Boy review Creeper Boy
This app is epic
I love this app is awesome because you can create you own skin but if you can put it in Ps3 Xbox1 Xbox360 and Ps4 but again this app is cool
I hate it it doesn't let you play With the player or a game
Mariely Aleman review Mariely Aleman
This app is awesome!
Creating your skin is super easy! It was a bit time consuming before the update but now im loving it. Ive made so many different types of skins and I love how they look. When I was playing with my little sis, she hated the box around our heads, until she found out that you can take it off. Thanks for adding that in! My favorite app EVER!
It's good!!
Caroline Rainbow review Caroline Rainbow
I really liked it it was really easy and fun to use but I would really like it if u could add a preview button in the next update I would really appreciate it other than that amazing app keep up the good work
Mandee Knolls review Mandee Knolls
I love it
Danny Cortez review Danny Cortez
I really like it
The only thing that I wish that you can do is put it on your system like ps4 or xbox1 or xbox360
Sandra Griffiths review Sandra Griffiths
I'm trying it out
This game looks cool what people have been saying I'm having a go it looks fun
Tina Juarez review Tina Juarez
Gregory Peltz review Gregory Peltz
Really like it.
This is a very good skin painting app. I have noticed some stray particle effects, but I also just got the update, so I'm not sure if they are related to the app or the game itself. The only thing I would really like to see is an armor painting option.
I love it ?. Its amazing yet I wish u could upload it to a x-box to play as but I have my computer. Thx for the 30 min I spent on only my first one I guess u can say it turned out ok
Little _ Marine review Little _ Marine
Put in Game
This is so much fun you can put your skin in the games Awesome
Kitty Cute review Kitty Cute
It's great but one issue..
I love this because you get to draw in perfect cubes! But there's one problem... I think I'm right but wasn't there a shading button? If there wasn't then I've been mistaken with another game of mine I deleted it then I got it back when I wanted to my little brother loves this game! And if there was a shading button bring it back please