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Slide - Earn Free Recharge with Lockscreen! screenshot 1Slide - Earn Free Recharge with Lockscreen! screenshot 2Slide - Earn Free Recharge with Lockscreen! screenshot 3Slide - Earn Free Recharge with Lockscreen! screenshot 4Slide - Earn Free Recharge with Lockscreen! screenshot 5Slide - Earn Free Recharge with Lockscreen! screenshot 6Slide - Earn Free Recharge with Lockscreen! screenshot 7
Read latest news, trendy and fun stories on the lock screen. You know what’s better? It lets you earn that extra buck!

Slide App helps you earn whether while sitting idle or traveling, just slide on the content pieces. You can also earn by sharing your own content on Slide! Simply share interesting links you found online, stories that are unmissable and gripping! And when your post gets many reads and likes on Slide App we share the earnings accrued from it! So deliver your story to thousands of lock screens and make it viral!

Content Buckets:
Stay updated with breaking news, bollywood gossips, cricket news, phones reviews, deals and more! While you read some, you add and share some with the fellow Sliders! Information is best consumed when shared, so pump that ‘sharing spirit’ and get going! You can also see what other Slide users are interested in and may be add more contents in those categories just to make sure you can get more views & likes and thus higher rewards! Do make sure to like and leave comments on fellow Sliders’ post!

Raining Offers:
Participate in our direct referral program, for every friend you refer you will earn! There are raining offers on Slide Mela which lets you earn real money, and what’s more, you also earn when your friend participates in the same offer through our Friends Rewards program!

We are partnering with a number of leading brands in the F&B, Travel, Hospitality, Education and Technology space to advertise and with content curators at a local level to publish content on Slide App platform to offer rich and useful content hereby giving you ample opportunity to use the content and earn at the same time.
When you unlock your phone, you are rewarded with points in your Slide App wallet which can be redeemed for mobile phone recharges and a lot more. So now you won’t have to pay for your recharge again. SLIDE is there to pay your mobile bills.

Here are a few rules of thumb to slide:

- Swipe Right to Unlock, ah! You don’t want to do that now, that’s usual!
- Swipe Left to read up the content that pops up on your screen
and soon you land onto this page that tells you more on your topic of interest!
- Swipe Up to view options of content and continue earning!
We all do love choices! Now don’t we ;)

And last but not the least,

1. Activity - You can trace your recharge activity and can keep a track of expenditure
2. Control your Lock screen - Using this feature, you can switch off the lock screen content for a stipulated time period during your meditation hours and switch it back on again when you are ready to earn!
3. Useful lock screen features - You can reach your recently viewed apps directly on our lock screen, without having to unlock and open the app!

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We are always available for any support/query at [email protected]

WARNING: Slide App is not a certified job option for earning yet! However you SLIDE, we Reward!

So off you go! Happy Sliding!

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Slide - Earn Free Recharge with Lockscreen! APK reviews

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Heenaben Sejpal review Heenaben Sejpal
Never Recommend to download this app
Thik hair It's not batter this good
Bhavin Poojara review Bhavin Poojara
How to redeem?
Please help me i will try to recharge but how i don't know
Deepak Singha review Deepak Singha
This app is totally waste of time. It doesn't have Tapjoy for more earning. Plz add tapjoy if you want 5 Stars
Obaid Khan review Obaid Khan
As it is limited .... no adds of earning after some time help.. I uninstall again every thing now zero please
Don't download it this only waste your data and time this aap doesn't have tapjoy feature to earn some more money Please include that feature to get full stars . I am waiting for tapjoy feature. Now I am uninstalling it and making others to also uninstall this app as soon as possible . If u want to save your aap please add Tapjoy feature which was a good option to earn money in last year . I hope u will see on this matter
aayush rai review aayush rai
Bugs on app
When Every time i unlock my phone (oneplus two) then my vibrates on screen unlocking And every time camera app promptly opens and when i contact Slide team through gmail and no reply. I am very disappointed
Hardman Gunner review Hardman Gunner
Fake app... " DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT "I made my friends download it and use it for 1 day after registering and I didn't got a single penny for it although there was some kind of offer also
Cooll କିନ୍ତୁ very slow
kirit mer review kirit mer
Super app for earn money
Its easy to earn money
Faheem Arshad review Faheem Arshad
Pending Recharge Request
My recharge request is still pending after 3 days of the redeem request
tilok kalita review tilok kalita
This app thinks itself to be the father of all money earning app. Lol, when the posts we upload gets 30 to 50 likes then this Beggar app scares and notify us saying "Your posts violates our guidelines". I suggest You Mr Slide app if you don't have money stop the app with immediate effect, cuz you are incapable to run the app further. You are just cheating us and wasting our valuable time. Its not money app, its Monkey app. Friends don't waste your time here.