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Play against other people online! Can you become the longest slither?

If your head touches another player, you will explode and then it's game over. But if others run into YOU, then THEY will explode, and you can eat their remains!

In, you have a chance to win even if you're tiny. You can swerve in front of a much larger player to defeat them, no matter how big you are!

Download now and start slithering! Good luck! APK reviews

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Good game and fun
Good control's
Brian Troutz review Brian Troutz
Way too much lag and not responsive enough. You guys need to increase your server capacity
Braedon Kotko review Braedon Kotko
Great game but...
Can u plz make it 2 where if u get a kill ur the only one who can pick up the mass.Also could u plz fix the radar on mobile devices.
Rashda Baig review Rashda Baig
Very adictive game butbits fustrating and annoying also wen u r big ur boost is slow can u rix these rhings plzzzz i love it though
Matt Hansen review Matt Hansen
For God sakes. The game is good, but the ads and spam are ridiculous! After every single game, there's an ad. Really not a big deal. However, they ask you constantly to rate their app, even if you press "don't ask again". The game is good, not great. Would be better with some sort of control settings. Would be better if there was a no ad option. The spam is unreal, and unreasonable! Sincerely yours, Update, 6/5/16.. Fixed lag, game is the best! Thanks guys!
Steven Sabo review Steven Sabo
Great Game Ruined By Lag
The game is simple yet you can spend hours growing your snake. However, the constant lag spikes just ruin the game. I'm almost convinced the lag is intentionally part of the game, because the more you die the more adds you see. Clever... Most times they are slight jerks to the side, and sometimes they are full on 1 second delays. If they could fix this lag, 5 stars for sure.
Anime Style review Anime Style
I'm lovin it but...
Fun game and all but the only two problems are the lags and the ads it get really annoying when the lags it stops for a ten seconds once it stopped the hole game once. Im having a huge problems with the ads whenever I die in the game it on the ad part and its really annoying if you can fix it would be great. ??
cay day review cay day
No skins some lag
I shared my score and still no skins I would like skins on the official app .Also quite a bit of lag.
Bruce Wilson review Bruce Wilson
Was fun......but
This latest update has screwed it up. Lag is horrible. Jerky movement, cannot play it logged on to wi-fi. Or with 4g. Going to wait a while and see if you fix it. If not. Uninstalling. You had a winner.
Samantha Clifton review Samantha Clifton
It grinds my gears
I sometimes don't mean to hurt the other person's feelings and when I don't see that person and hit into them especially when you see the person and try not to hit him/her and for some reason, you can't control your character and hit into them, it just grinds my gears
Niamh McCarthy review Niamh McCarthy
Love it
Its great. And u added JELLY SKIN!? thanks so much. It will be like computer! I would reccomond this game .If u don't have WiFi that's no problem! It really keep u busy and its really fun. Its becoming like the computer and gets better every update. Get it!!!!!!!☺?☺?☺?☺?
Joel Kulp review Joel Kulp
Won't Play
I click play online. But it just sits there. Doesn't load into a game. On a Samsung Galaxy S6 Active
falcon phoenix review falcon phoenix
Great game
This is a great game but when u die can u make it like the ai server so when u die u spawn in the same server unless u restart the game. I'd like this because when u die then sometimes u r put in2 a server that has a major lag issue 4 u. The lag is way too much too. I play and start getting major lag spikes for no reason. Also can u create feature that let's u make ur own skins and servers. I think that would b really good because if u want 2 play with u mate u can just create a server and play with them.
Harvey Specter review Harvey Specter
Hard to control on mobile
Such a cool game, works great on my s7 edge but the controls are awful. Would like to see better control options for the snake. Maybe hold down left side to keep moving one way and add a turbo button.
Craig Bennett review Craig Bennett
5 star game but issues
Lag, lag, lag makes it difficult to play. I diddnt always have lag only last 2 weeks. Bit difficult to play on wifi and 4g. Ads, Ads,Ads every time u die u sit through a video ad. Addicting and fun