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Philip Cerne review Philip Cerne
New slots
I would thing your developers would put out a new game people would really love, we need bigger, funner bonus rounds more scatters that actually pay off take it back to games like Rock History, now it's in the classics but one of your best games bet 300,000.00 and win 30 million +!
Collette DuBois review Collette DuBois
AWESOME Billions of games each with 2 or three bonus features free spins, mini games, etc. turbo boost on all levels 3 days a week! vikings, vampires! Cascading games....
Mandi Slater review Mandi Slater
this was 1 of my fav slot games but now it is all ways "freezing" which gets very frustrating especialy when it happens during a bonas round. both my partner and i have lost alot of pay outs bue 2 this problem. i have reported this so many times but nothing gets fixed
Samuel Williams review Samuel Williams
The Cadillac of slot games to put it simply
Never liked slot machine games but gave this a try and I became totally addicted. I made a seperate Facebook account because I feel embarrassed begging my friends to send me coins.
Keith Stanley review Keith Stanley
Getting greedy
I have had this app for years and over the years it gets more expensive as time goes by. Jackpots are harder to hit and games don't hit like before. Someone's greed has taken over very dissatisfied won't have this app much longer and friends say the samething. 11.99 to break the pig that is ridiculous.
canario mejia review canario mejia
Cool app muy bueno.. enjoy every time I play
It's a cool app but it sucks when you run out of credit and have to buy more
Kim Morgan review Kim Morgan
Kim Morgan Samsung galaxy SIII
Pretty fun app. Needs to offer free bonus coins more often. Takes to long to earn enough to play long. Then I'd give it five-stars.
Christie Hill review Christie Hill
Best slot game ever!
Lots of fun. Great games and great graphics!
Lesley Seitz review Lesley Seitz
Best game ever
I have enjoyed playing so much. I'm stuck at home alot and this game has helped me get through the cabin fever. Thank you. Everyone should at least try it, it is relaxing and fun!!! I recommend highly playing it's the best out there. No need to look any further.....You found it right here ! ! !
Terry Oldham review Terry Oldham
I'm still not getting credit for my free coins with the 3 hr free coins and this sucks cause I play a lot and spend quit a bit on coins but if this continues I'm not sure if I'll buy anything else you guys offer,fix this!
Maurice Moran review Maurice Moran
Great slot games having lots of fun the games just get better well done slotomania keep it up ok? keep smiling.$$$
Therese Lebel review Therese Lebel
Bonus error
On Wizard of luck on my Android phone I finally collected 80 owls bonus came up when I selected 1 of the three options to play I received error msg that the bonus was already collected on a different device. How is this possible when I just achieved collecting 80 owls. Now I have to start all over. This takes awhile to collect 80 and hopefully when I do again this will not happen again.
Cynthia Simpson review Cynthia Simpson
The best slot game ever!!!!! Recommend this game for everyone! Love this slot!!! Best slot game!!!!!! Sooo many slots to choose, that is why Slotomania is GREAT!!!!!!!! Lots of fun!!!!! Lots of fun but ever since the update, it seems like I am not receiving all my winnings.
Christopher Pilcher review Christopher Pilcher
Seems to have fixed the glitches. Plays better. I am enjoying it more and find myself playing at least 4 times a day.
A Google User review A Google User
Game has was good a long time ago. U never win now they just want u too buy coins. Don't waste Ur time. Its rigged too have u lose .
Does not pay out much just wants u too buy coins. Use too be fun but all u do is lose money. There just money hungry people .never get bonus any more. This game has gone way down hill over the yrs. This app is a waste of time. They have 2 or 3 pop up adds too get u too buy coins . even make u lose more if u leave negative comments