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Here's what I think. I think that you think you can force people to buy coins. Which I did for almost a year, because, basically, I love the games. But it got to where the more I bought, the more I had to buy in order to keep playing . Then I noticed that I was being charged for coins I didn't buy, nor did I ever get the coins. The last causing a slight over draft in my bank account. So I deleted my tablet, and left my bank out when I reinstalled everything. Now I don't even get free spins in order to be able to play five minutes! I think if you would give this game the same wonderful chances to play that you do Ceasors Palace and Slotomania, that would be very nice. House of Fun is my very favorite of all, and though I didn't mind buying every now and then, I found you almost crooked in pushing your coins, especially when you charged and didn't even give the coins.
Malia Ward review Malia Ward
I have found this slot game to be entertaining. So far it's one of the good one...i lied it is another that wants your money...cant injoy winning. Funny how it is a game that they dont really pay you real money if you win But wants your real money so you lose alot. Be different if they allowed more bigger wins. Then that might spark real out of me. But the bonuses even low. Get 790 ever three hours. Been playing for a year. I had hopes think it is time i make room for another game. Im losing this one
joyce Evans review joyce Evans
Very addictive and great to play when trying to pass some time or until u run out of coins... I wish the coins weren't so expensive or even if they refilled after so long like most games do instead of having to wait 3 hours to get $640 coins
Kat Witch review Kat Witch
Have so much fun playing this. It's nice to be able to have a "flutter" and not use real money. Good fun, great graphics and so many different slots to choose from, plus the rewards are well worth it. Thank you hof! Awesome!! Love this game! Though only one thing to gripe about, the adds are becoming more invasive. Despite this I thoroughly enjoy myself! So keep it up!
Branden Lees review Branden Lees
Unliking it.
Spent that much money on this game even saved my money up and hit big bets no good never won anything decent from this game.
Like to play this game....but you have to use all of your coins before you can win anything...thats the only thing I don't like about this game....xxxxcoins please
Linda Hill review Linda Hill
This is great entertainment and their are so many games to choose from. Graphics are awesome, very fun and addicting.
Fun and addicting, great graphics. Best game app out there.
Lou Wona Cox review Lou Wona Cox
When you are a person who pays to play you should be able to win as well. There has been times I purchased and did win much. That made me not want to purchase anymore.
Lyn Benjamin review Lyn Benjamin
Love this game wish they made it easier to get coins and they pay out better go thru coins fast also I would like there not to be a daily limit on coins
Teresa Rogers review Teresa Rogers
I LOVE this app. Just wish you got more coins every three hours and or the minimum bet wasnt so high so what coins you do get last a little bit longer......
Aracely Sierra review Aracely Sierra
I thought it will give you real money I don't think its fun to pay for coins an get nothing in return
Reyna sanchez review Reyna sanchez
Your pay outs are really poor..The more I buy the worst it gets..So for that reason I will stop buying..I have had the AP for a year and I've had hardly no pay outs!! They are games.. after spending 40.00 or more.. I should be able to buy the game. So I will not be buying ever again thank you. Still your pay outs are bad.
francine garcia review francine garcia
LIKE SLOTS? YOULL LOVE HOUSE OF FUN. FREE COINS CONSTANTLY. JUST LIKE ON FACEBOOK. GO TO THE HOUSE OF FUN. & U'LL DEFINITELY "MOVE IN!!" New Slots added FREQUENTLY too, & no two are alike. Thank You HoF! I won't change what I already have written. But I do have to remove a star. Your minimum bets are set way too high extremely limiting play.
Tracy Hinson review Tracy Hinson
I absolutely Love HOF Slots. I love all the different new games. There are always new slots added. All the graphics are awesome. It's really addictive and fun to play. The complaints I have are that the 3 hour bonuses really need to pay more than they do now, and the slot payouts should be a lot bigger. I have spent sooo much money buying coins that it's really ridiculous. I lose them faster than I can buy them, and afford them. Nobody should have to buy that many coins. Also, it shouldn't be so hard to win free spins. I can play all day and most of the time only hit free spins one time, if at all. Even with these complaints, I think it's still the best slots games out there.
Kathleen Boyd review Kathleen Boyd
What happened??? Used to be my Favorite App...
Don't know what is going on BUT been the Biggest Losing App I Play..I don't max bet because ALL the coins I purchase would be GONE EVEN QUICKER!! Come on HOF...Want the Winning Times Back!!!! Starting to be a tiny bit better...NEVER HIT MORE THAN 6 ON MY FAVORITE...FLAMING 7'S...WHAT UP WITH THAT????

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