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Slugterra: Slug it Out 2
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Get ready to SLUG IT OUT with Elementals, Megamorphs, Ghoul Elementals, and Ghoul Slugs! This definitive Slugterra game gives you all of the slugslinging action you've been asking for, and more!

Slugs are disappearing all across the 99 caverns and it's up to you to find out why! Bring the slugs home and restore the delicate balance of slug energy in this underground world. Play as hero Eli Shane as you unravel the mystery with your best slug buddy Burpy at your side. Collect an arsenal of the little transforming critters with amazing powers, and as you level them up with battle experience, watch your slugs’ transformations get epic!

When the battle is over, cool off and bond with your slugs in the new Slug Hideout, where your slugs can hang out and interact with each other—and with you! Use your hard-earned gems to get new treasure chests or use your Evolution Stones to evolve your slugs into their powerful Megamorph forms!

Grab your blaster, load up your slugs and get ready to SLUG IT OUT!

• Match-three gone wild! Fast-paced matching brings frantic fun to the traditional match-3 mechanic!
• Duel with the awesome power of Elementals, Megamorphs, and Ghoul slugs!
• Find Evolution Stones and evolve your slugs to more powerful Megamorph versions!
• Epic boss battles! Unique, giant bosses can surprise you at any turn, so always be ready for a dangerous duel!
• Explore the world map in Story Mode to keep Slugterra safe from mysterious threats and sinister slugslingers.
• Duel your favourite villains from the TV series, and travel to cool new caverns to battle never-before-seen foes!
• New Slug Hideout where your slugs can play and interact with each other!
• Open treasure chests to earn new slugs, Evolution Stones, gems, and coins!
• Collect all of your favourite slugs and blast into battle!

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Astalos The Lightning Dragonfly review Astalos The Lightning Dragonfly
My last review mentioned ghouled slugs, and I'm glad they made a comeback. But unfortunately the blaster tiles are still not here, instead there are blank tiles that do nothing to my knowledge. Also I would love to see a multiplayer mode, some of the slugs seem only useful to a multiplayer match (see the slug that put tiles that damage the other player)
Need elementals desperately ?... more GHOULS... want the ghoul sound purely like ghoul when you grab it?... and make sure the space is less or I can't update it.... such a really missing things?
Killer Queen [ D E R P ] review Killer Queen [ D E R P ]
I wish i could send a gift to DHX. Can it be a old aerosmith album and a box full of Shredded trump signs? Also thanks DHX, Now im a happy cringy lunatic like before, except playing this game gave me a extra strong .. Too much? Oh well have a good day and enjoy the shredded insanity.
Dragon Gamer46 review Dragon Gamer46
Awesome and fun. Few things you could add is a customizable hideout and be able to buy different toys for your slugs and ghouls(swingsets, jumpropes, etc...). Not only that but select what slugs or ghouls to feed and add a multiplayer function so you can duel other players would be neat too. Also can you make it to where we can connect with Facebook or Google? Thanks! I love the game and me and my friends and family play it. Hope you read this. Pls like so they can see this comment.
I dont hate it that much it is just so hard I am fighting level 26 on story mode and I can even hit him all I see is slugs and other things flying at it's not a boss battle it's a normal level and it feels like a f***ing BOSS battle a BOSS BATTLE DOSE NOT FELL OR LOOK LIKE A NORMAL LEVEL IT IS F***ING HARD LIKE A BOSS BATTLE OKAY IT FEELS LIKE A BOSS BATTLE NOT A NORMAL LEVEL
This game restarted and deleted more than $10 worth of purchases plus everything I had collected in the game - on the same day I purchased. $10 gone in 30 minutes! Why? Can I get my purchases back???
DemverDEM Y_T review DemverDEM Y_T
Can you please add where we can buy slugs, ghouls, and upgrade for the blaster and characters, also the fusion thingy... Like the one "Slug it out 1"
Adrian' s awesome channel review Adrian' s awesome channel
This game is awesome
Myeasha Mcknight review Myeasha Mcknight
I get a lot of slugs for friends And I win
Satyam Chandra Das review Satyam Chandra Das
Please add another adventure mode to play more and fun PLEASE.....
Alfonso Anota review Alfonso Anota
Please i want to back the slug it out 1 and i want to play it☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺
Prince Bothra review Prince Bothra
preeti rathore review preeti rathore
Advice € u have can you please let me to the UK for a while ago and it was a bit more than happy to happy to help me with the new year to you by the way to get the best way to get the
Kudzai Mazarura review Kudzai Mazarura
The game is awesome but can't you put megamorphs and give a chance to get the elementals in the legendary chest or make them to use gems to buy the elementals instead of real money.
Todd Baldwin review Todd Baldwin
Only thing missing is that you can't sync your progress over multiple devices. Would be nice to sync to your Google account.