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Smart - Brain Games & Logic Puzzles
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SMART - an excellent game for training and development of your brain skills. We present you over 28 awesome games for training your IQ and reasoning skills. The game has over 600 levels that will help you enhance your memory, attention, intellectual flexibility, concentration and reaction.

Best puzzle games for training your brain. It’s a very practical and clever app that is easy to learn and gives truly remarkable results for your brain. Train your memory skills!

Top features:
• Train memory, attention, intellectual flexibility, concentration and reaction
• Over 28 games inside!
• Over 600 levels!
• Perfect for kids and adults alike
• Great family game
• Play anywhere - in subway or a bus. Simple and easy
• Top-rating where you can compete with your friends
• Play offline

We developed over 600 level to gradually challenge your brain. All levels are designed to give you more cognitive skills bit by bit. Each completed level gives you point. Each level take around 1 minute of your time so you can easily fit it into your daily routine.

Each level is designed to help you improve your cognitive skills, memory, attention and sharpen your brain.

Want to test your brain skills and compare them with other people? Try our game and test your intellect.

The game will be useful for kids, girls, boys, adults and people who like puzzles, memory tests, IQ tests, brain games, memory trainings and other things useful for your brain.

Games are completely free and will stay that way. We hope that you like our app and we’ll continue to develop it and add more games for brain training in future.

Please leave us a comment if you like the game. We hope that our app will help you to improve your brain skills!

Smart - Brain Games & Logic Puzzles APK reviews

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Sarvesh Vora review Sarvesh Vora
Superb but too many ads :)
Mukul Abdagiri review Mukul Abdagiri
Good time killer
Batul Baldiwala review Batul Baldiwala
Grt game
Shrey Tewari review Shrey Tewari
Easy peasy
UltraQuasar review UltraQuasar
Ok... Sorry for the bad review. I did not know you had to SWIPE to trigger the color sets on 248. Now I feel like an idiot. Good job. =D
Kitora Kedakai review Kitora Kedakai
I loved the game completely, the variety of skill options is enough to keep me on my toes but no completely frustrate me. It exercises my mind and my reflexes while also being incredibly fun!
Ann Claire Shelley Kay review Ann Claire Shelley Kay
So beautiful far is been a really good brain training game.
Dorel Puscasu review Dorel Puscasu
Good brain exercise, thanks
Elizabeth Godber review Elizabeth Godber
Good for your reflexes xx
Kim Kinney review Kim Kinney
Fun quick time killer
Mary Popovskova review Mary Popovskova
Great training! Thanx
DIG tech review DIG tech
I love your games u r best in this field.
Kathryn Mason review Kathryn Mason
The buttons on the Make Change game don't register well when pressed. I keep having to go back and press them again and again... and again. Other games don't have this issue. Hope you can fix that. I like it otherwise. Keeps me on my toes!
Carlos Pereira review Carlos Pereira
The game is awsome in my opinion. Its cool to waste some time and I love it. However I would like to ask for a replay button everytime you complete a level. Its a bit annoying going to the map and choose it again.
Mrs. C review Mrs. C
FUN GAME TO PLAY ITS SIMPLE YET CHALLENGING This is an awesome game to play, I really like all the different games. I just wish that I can pick the games I want to play; instead having them chose for me. There are 28 brain games in this app; I think there should be a practice feature, so you can practice the games and become faster and work on improving your I.Q. GREAT GAME MUST DOWNLOAD!!!!!