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Diane Kennelly review Diane Kennelly
Interesting... sometimes difficult trying to figure out what I'm supposed to do. Instructions could be better.
Mama Raspberry review Mama Raspberry
I love this app. The games are fun and challenging but not impossible. I just wish I had a choice of which game to play. For instance, if that level's games are working on memory, it'd bee nice to have 2 or 3 choices of memory games. The game is still really great.
Yvonne Jones review Yvonne Jones
Would be good to inform me when they are mixing up the games on advance. lol
Felicia Prescott review Felicia Prescott
Smart keeps you involved and is pretty addictive. Definitely a brain workout. Not too many ads and they are short. Just as important to keep your mind healthy and sharp as it is to eat a healthy diet and exercise!
Sarvesh Vora review Sarvesh Vora
Superb but too many ads :)
Mukul Abdagiri review Mukul Abdagiri
Good time killer
Batul Baldiwala review Batul Baldiwala
Grt game
Shrey Tewari review Shrey Tewari
Easy peasy
Matilda Rayment review Matilda Rayment
I really lived thus game because it isn't just tapping something but it's actually training your brand and improving your attention, memory, logic and your mind in general. If you need help in any of those subjects (or you just like a bit of fun ) I would dwfinately say this is the game for you.
Alfredo Does Things review Alfredo Does Things
Good game to improve your dexterity and flexibility. I think your brain will thank you for using this app.
UltraQuasar review UltraQuasar
Ok... Sorry for the bad review. I did not know you had to SWIPE to trigger the color sets on 248. Now I feel like an idiot. Good job. =D
Shannon Sanchez review Shannon Sanchez
Only played once. Haven't had enough time playing to give a real review. But they're asking for one already. So, far so good.
tomboy36 Baver review tomboy36 Baver
It is lots of fun
Kitora Kedakai review Kitora Kedakai
I loved the game completely, the variety of skill options is enough to keep me on my toes but no completely frustrate me. It exercises my mind and my reflexes while also being incredibly fun!
Keith Potts review Keith Potts
With enough practice, maybe I can beat Alzheimer's.