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Welcome, Agent, to the world of SMASH!

BEHOLD! Your laboratory, where you will be spawning and evolving GIANT MUTANT MONSTERS who obey your every command (as long as that command is “SMASH!”).

OBSERVE! Your shiny futuristic CITY! Build its defenses, vaporize intruders, and make money to fund your benevolent research (i.e. build bigger and more powerful monsters)!


Conquer the world alone, or create a FACTION of friends for the sheer love of crushing stuff! Get out there, and let the DESTRUCTION BEGIN!


● Lead your monster army to victory in a massively multiplayer PvP world!
● Tons of monsters to collect, level-up, and evolve, plus tons of power-ups, special abilities, and more!
● Build and fortify your city with impenetrable defenses to fend off rival SMASH agents!
● Defeat powerful SMASH bosses as you conquer the world in Campaign mode.
● Chat and strategize with other players in real-time, and form Factions with your friends!

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Joseph Acevedo review Joseph Acevedo
Its simple fun and addictive I have no bad reports
wmconfer review wmconfer
I liked it before, but now? Meh
I have no idea how a new player will be able to compete or have much fun. Leveling your monsters are going to take a lot longer now. Especially since you don't get exp from battle. Getting them to higher ranks will take insanely longer as well. The cost of research and a lot of other things are now stupid high.
Josh Schack review Josh Schack
Used to be fun
The new update removed majy game features which gave you something to do. They added very little new things to do, upped gold costs for everything so you soend money. This game has become pay to win and even pay to play if you want to spend more than 10 min playing at a time. Just bad now. Might as well play any other money sucking scam game.
Levi Matthew review Levi Matthew
Addictive with potential
Great mechanics, campaign mode is tough but encourages more PvP play. Microtransactions but I haven't been overwhelmed by it, there are other ways to earn in game. Impossible to collect and train more than a group of 3-5 monsters due to blobs AND level up regularly in campaign mode.
Wyatt Neally review Wyatt Neally
Bruce Mc Nulty review Bruce Mc Nulty
Game is ruined
ATA have completely messed up this game with latest update. Doesn't deserve my 1 star and anyone giving 5 star will be the devs desperately trying to get the average rating back up. Good job ATA.
Sean Mark review Sean Mark
Not bad
Being a fan of old monster movies, this game is right up my alley. The execution is a little off, and it takes forever to do anything, but it's a fun time-waster. I encountered a weird bug recently where it froze on the Thinking Ape logo and wouldn't load any further. Thankfully it resolved itself somehow.
Eko Prasetyo review Eko Prasetyo
Nice game love it, good job. Anyway give us free player chance to get legend monster or even mythic monster and ill give it 5 stars rate then. Thx ;)
Lance Broadus review Lance Broadus
Brian Grenda review Brian Grenda
Wrong direction
Game has only gotten worse with the latest update, can't upgrd without blobs, and can only win blobs by coming in top tier of events, but can only do that by purchasing energy, so advancement is non existent unless you are able to spend, spend, spend, so ata screwed up and has killed this game,
casey mang review casey mang
It just re starts from lvl 1 and. When I tryed to log i. It says The player dose not exisist.
Hamza Idris review Hamza Idris
I'm always playing games on my phone but this is the best I have every played. It does get a bit complex in the beginning but once you understand what to do it is rather satisfying. Also, it doesn't demand buying things with real money just for a silly boost like others do. Highly recommended. If you haven't played SMASH you haven't played a good mobile game :-)
Reggie Davis review Reggie Davis
It's time consuming ND very fun when just sitting around
Nicolis Sova review Nicolis Sova
Booooo Garbage
So with the new update I lost massive amounts of blobs. All the time I took to make the gray blobs. Way to screw up a good game. I'm done with it.
Jack Burgess review Jack Burgess
Is there a way to recover a previous account that was not linked with facebook? I would love to start llaying again but don't really want to start from scratch