Smashy Road: Wanted APK

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You are WANTED! Take your driving to new heights! Master and unlock all 90 vehicles. Race through the dessert, grasslands and the city or encounter SECRET areas with great rewards! Escape the POLICE, the SWAT, the ARMY JEEPS and the TANKS! How long can you last?

Smash the road and see if you can beat your friends highscore in the online leaderboards!

- 90 unlockable vehicles!!
- Random generated environment with chance to encounter secret locations
- All vehicles have their own behaviour. Find your favourite!
- Great visuals and sound

Smashy Road: Wanted APK reviews

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Zackary Olson review Zackary Olson
It's good but...
I enjoy playing this game, there isn't too much skill involved but it's a good way to kill time and it stays easy enough to make it enjoyable while raising the difficulty. The only thing I want to see is no more of this, automatically backing up stuff. When you are nose first in an object, the game automatically backs you up, but I've lost countless games because it doesn't stop or doesn't back up enough. Let me choose when to back up!
James Quainton review James Quainton
Good, but has some bugs
I'm sorry if I'm being too critical in this review but especially on Mobile Data, Smashy Road can lag. This is to the extent the game will no longer work. Moving on to a positive, the graphical interface is very nice, the perspective, movement and background vehicles is very well created. Very good game overall
Michael Espinoza review Michael Espinoza
It's a very good game, great graphics even for a bunch of cubes, but I also have an idea. You guys should make a game called smashy water, where we can choose from a wide variety of different boats that run away from boat police. Hopefully I helped you with my idea and I will download if made;-). You can work on the title if needed. Please reply:-)
Good but... you can sometimes glich and get trapped but it's a good game anyway like you run from police. Also when you start off you have to press right or left to start so you can't go straight forward when you get on. I really liked it though it is one of my favourite games! I'm out Later ima go play some Smashy Road now!
Alex Peter review Alex Peter
Shalom there,
The game is awesome. I liked it very much and hoping that in the future they will be more cars to be added. I really hope that "military helicopter" can shoot something, it is idle. Last thing, a HOVERCRAFT can go "river mode" ! Wrecked... because of...water. Hope you'll add the " police boats " in next update. Overall, abundant of thanks and good luck.
Hannah Banana review Hannah Banana
PLEZ add
Can you add the ability to be the cop. It would be great if you could do that. I wish it was 10 coins to use the prize machine. Although it would then be to easy. Totally recomend. This game would only be bad if it didn't work out on your electronic ?I'm serious
me Berretta review me Berretta
I hope they fixed the bug where you double buy a car and it gives you the same car but still takes your money. But its still a great game. Ohh! And also raise thr chance if getting a legendary I played for almost a year and I never got one l. My friend got one all the time on his apple but there Is a glitch with android.ive never had one.
A Google user review A Google user
Good but... you can sometimes glich and get trapped but it's a good game anyway like you run from police. Also when you start off you have to press right or left to start so you can't go straight forward when you get on. I really liked it though it is one of my favourite games! I'm out Later ima go play some Smashy Road now!
Isaiah Marrufo review Isaiah Marrufo
I LOVE THIS GAME. It just need's some work to do. Like, you guys need to fix the glitch of the lines by the road. And you need to fix when we explode the oil truck and fall on the ground and you disapear. And can u guys please add some new prizes like to change the color of ur car. And when I have 100 dollars u can spend it on colors theirs a button to choose what prize you want. Like say I get the color blue for a red car. And I like the red car so I go to the prize machins and choose to buy a color than I have the button to change the color of ur car. That will make the game a lot better. And I'm sure when u do it there will be more downloads.
cod vids and more review cod vids and more
It us very gun and I love the abilities the legendaries have. But 1 complaint. When I'm using the flipper how can I jump a car I mean if I have a blade to flip Cars then how does it jump cars. Idk but it is very frustrating. Cause it doesn't do it to cops but randomly I'll try to drive through a car and it'll jump the car and land upside down then I get caught
A Google user review A Google user
Love this game! Absolutely amazing!!! Totally download this game!! Ppl dont listen to the other reviews! If its hard to earn cash just drive thorough a go kart track or a military base or an airport or watch the ad to get 20 cash. Its kind of hard to control in the begin ng but u will get the hang of it! I did, and my friends love it too! If there is an ad just press the x on the corner! Duh! Love thus game!!!!!
Vinski Leton review Vinski Leton
Over all, its an ok game, but controls feel a little slippery and the car flipps over really easily. You don't get rewarded for playing well, only for surviving. If you enjoyed this game even a little, you should probably try Reckless Getaway 2. It has more responsive controls plus more and better content. There is nothing Smashy Road does better than Reckless Getaway 2. Check it out! Over all it gets a +3 out of 5
Mo review Mo
This is a very fun game, but the reason why I am only rating it 3 stars is because of the 'free gifts.' I sometimes get a notification saying my free gift is ready, and when I go on the game it says wait 4hours and 59minutes, which is how long you usually have to wait after getting a free gift. Please fix this error and I will rate the game 5stars.
Ben Kinstler review Ben Kinstler
Great but has a major flaw.
I enjoy playing this game very much and I love how you win cars and even watching adds when I die to get cash is alright with me. However it seem that whenever you get a car the odd for rolling that car again are greatly increased. With 90 cars to randomly get and me having no more then 15 cars, I should not have rolled duplicate cars nearly as many times as I have gotten new ones. Including having rolled 1 legendary car 3 times. I like this game very much but truly think this needs to he fixed.
Duck King review Duck King
I love this game! The only thing I have to say is to maybe make the WIN A NEW CAR slot thingy... where you do not get the same freaking common slot every time. And maybe make a way for you to make more money, like missions.