Smashy Road: Wanted APK reviews

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Wilson Cooper review Wilson Cooper
The reason the chase is happening
So one day this guy decided to rape a Jewish Muslim, all because she stole his pork.yet to his knowledge he was Asian. My point is why isn't he eating stray Dogs instead of pork.
Halston Fulk review Halston Fulk
My friend had this game and I had to get it right away after I played it super cool
Amal Q review Amal Q
جاي من طرف saudi gamer (جميل)
Dewey Winemiller review Dewey Winemiller
If you hit a gas truck and land right,you get stuck in the ground.??????plz fix it!???????
Erik Puig review Erik Puig
The game is good but it tends to lag a LOT and I get caught without even getting to start
Carter Paden review Carter Paden
Ruben Flores review Ruben Flores
Great job on the game. But the water needs more graphics
Jaime Brummer review Jaime Brummer
Love it
It is a awesome game but it only works on my phone
julio batista review julio batista
Cool game!
This is a great game what I think you should do is make things give you more money good job guys :-)
Callan Steven review Callan Steven
Once I started smashy road(the first one)I got an AD with this app on it and I got it immediately after that. I tapped the advert and it went to the play store.I loved it so much that every day, I play it at least 100 minutes a day. No improvements needed. Just please add 25 more vehicles including the following vehicles: Tank(not the destroyer) and ambulance and fire engine and police car. The other 21 are up to you
Sean Ryan review Sean Ryan
Game loads up then immediately crashes. Heard this was a good game but I can't even play it
Braedon Peterson review Braedon Peterson
Add water cars and polise make the hover craft flote on water
Crazypillz87 Spiderman123 review Crazypillz87 Spiderman123
Course rode and gta!!!! ?
Sharkie Playz review Sharkie Playz
You have to try it.
Michael Skocher review Michael Skocher
Only problem is that after hitting a oil tanker and going air born, there are times that you phase through the ground fix this plz