SMS from Android 4.4 with Caller ID APK

SMS from Android 4.4 with Caller ID
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A complete package of communication tools delivers a message app built around the idea of always knowing who is calling or messaging you.

Are you in a lookout for an message app that is conversational and simple, with a clean texting interface for sms messages - you know, the way apps used to be? SMS from Android 4.4 is built to give you a smoother, better, faster, and cleaner Android communication experience. Send text messages, pictures, recordings and much more. The app delivers text messages directly via the mobile network, so no Internet or Wi-Fi connection needed.

With this smart message app, you will never have to do more than click a button to know who the unknown number from a call or SMS belongs to. The Caller ID screen displays after each call with information on who is calling even if the caller isn’t in your phonebook. This way, you can avoid spam calls and easily save new contacts to your phonebook with just one click.

What our sms app for Android does:

• No Fees: Totally free sms app
• Unlimited: Works across virtually all Android devices
• Offline messages: no Internet or Wi-Fi connection needed for messages sms
• Multi-format messaging: Send SMS, pictures and videos instantly
• Voice messages: Record your voice and send it as an attachment
• SMS messages: One click to text a contact after each call. No need to input number again
• Number Search: Search for unknown numbers from texts, directly from the inbox
• Caller ID: Identify numbers in real-time – even those not in your contact list

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SMS from Android 4.4 with Caller ID APK reviews

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ketan singh dhakad review ketan singh dhakad
wow! superb excellent, I think no other to message app, like that
CanNOT Send or Receive Pictures...??
I like this app, except for getting texts from people I don't even know. Some of them are "Improper" I guess is a nice way of putting it. I canNOT SEND OR RECEIVE PICTURES!! VERY ANNOYING, FRUSTRATING.....M
Areeba Jameel review Areeba Jameel
Weird app I don't know why I found it difficult
Isabel Cook review Isabel Cook
Never install
It is rubbish and it doesn't seem to work.Simaler to messenger which was very rubbish.It might be my device maybe your one works for mine is rubbish I tell you that.I am gonna write don't install this app and if there is an update on this app I'll see what it is hopefully it would be good in future.
Google map
To knowing the street
Jamie Wilhelm review Jamie Wilhelm
The worst
It doesn't let me use it, it keeps going "unfortunately has stopped"
Where's the disappearing messages??
Richard Moser review Richard Moser
Miss this style so much
I hate the stupid bubbles fad all the messaging apps have now. I miss this classic style, clean, professional look. I do wish it would get updated with all the latest features of messaging and a material design overhaul but otherwise this is awesome.
Steven Ferrum Cor review Steven Ferrum Cor
MMS Services Don't Work Properly
Trying to send multimedia messages immediately causes the messaging app to crash and incoming multimedia messages always fail to download and automatically attempt to redownload every 24 hours, failing every time.
Tetranius review Tetranius
Nothing more than a repetitive "see who is calling!" screen... It keeps going back to that. I get it... I can see who is calling... Can I text people now?
Charles Shayo review Charles Shayo
For the first time now i leave my comment in play tore...i was didn't comment before because i was just think wasting of time..but now i say thank you very much for this device was got some problems of sending sms but after install it work good...i repeat again...thank you...thank you thank you...i dont know how can i pay but my thank is enough
Camille Sesley review Camille Sesley
It used to work well. A couple months ago it started bringing the EULA privacy notice screen every time I try to view a message even after I selected "OK, I got it".
Bertha Esoldo review Bertha Esoldo
Just installed...can't use bcuz it says sms is not my default
Went to settings...touched/selected as directed to make it my default, but it does not activate it for default. Please advise next steps. Thank you.
I am impressed with the developer's interest in eliminating the issues users have been having since the addition of the caller ID aspect to what used to be a sms and mms app. However, the response listed below my original critique was inacurate. The resulting given did not address the real problems I was having. Thise were resolved via a series of direct emails with the developer, something that I sincerely appreciate. As far as my rating goes, if this were indeed an sms and mms app, I would enjoy it and give it five stars for doing what it used to. As for my current rating, my paranoia tells me that addition of the Caller ID and monitoring for advertising has turned this from an sms/mms app into a sms/mms/data mining app. Yes, I know all free apps do stuff like that but... I just want an sms/mms app. I don't want caller ID tied in. I have a phone app and a list of known numbers for that. And if I don't know you... Why are you texting me and not telling me your name? Bit of a rant there huh? Basically latest additions to the app, detracted instead of improved.
Renee Bartley review Renee Bartley
It looks So good and it works so good
Its just amazing