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Snack Lover Carnival APK reviews

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Santosh Gupta review Santosh Gupta
Todd Conroy review Todd Conroy
Wow live it great time killer
This game can tell you about yummy snacks that you might want to eat
Lucy Sangma review Lucy Sangma
My little siter loved it n me too.Keep up the great awsome work.
hayley gaunt review hayley gaunt
Seems good BUT
I cant use the syrup and so cannot progress
Alyricsade8 Robinson review Alyricsade8 Robinson
It's ok
It won't let me pour the syrup in the pan.????
Solo 75 review Solo 75
Snack lover cart...
It was so fun because it makes stoff
Pannaga simha jayasimha review Pannaga simha jayasimha
When I tried to get the doughnuts ò outside, it doesn't let me?????....
nithya priya review nithya priya
Superb game
It is interesting to play the only reason I didn't one more star Is the main menu is very slow
Bader Eldin Dirar review Bader Eldin Dirar
Love it
It make me to now how to make sweets I like sweets but I always buy so I want to now you pee yahoo bye
farwah the family family review farwah the family family
I loved it omg
It's so fun to play my small sister like to play this game so much amazing
I love this game it is very good I have ever played awesome.????
Shiva Sai review Shiva Sai
This game soo..... interesting I love this game soooo much
This game is fantastic
Leeanne Gore review Leeanne Gore
Best game ever. This game is just stunning!?
Pls help sO i got the game then it freeze and takes me of it?????
Jane Breland review Jane Breland
This is an amazing game if your looking for a game get this.