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Steven Perry review Steven Perry
Loved it. Until it just crashed and updated when It was reopened. I have my auto update shut off for a reason. Because of stuff like this. This update is completely stupid. Why take something so simple and make it so stupid. Bring back the old story tab and get rid of this garbage, or make it where you can choose. Fire whoever came up with this idea and let's move on before someone makes a better app and everyone switches. Because I see myself deleting snap soon and using Facebook messenger again soon. Edit 3/7/18 now the camera quality has dropped significantly and for some reason it takes about 3 seconds before actually capturing it and instead of being true colors everything is brownish. I'm so disappointed in this app. Also crashes.alotttt more.
Bethany Colquhoun review Bethany Colquhoun
Do U have something against us android users?!
Every single time you update snap chat there's that one AMAZING feature and only ios get it, tharmts nit fair, I used to love snap chat before the and now im rating 3 stars, I'll consider making it 5 if you give android the exact features that ios get like the really good stuff in the new updates like the sticker maker!
Joe Cynic review Joe Cynic
Its so slow
Loading anything takes FOREVER. On wifi or network. Auto advance is annoying. What if I don't wanna see all the stories? Just one or two? Can we turn that off? Sending Snaps is problematic and fails a lot, regardless of it being a video, picture, or text message. And Is there a way to turn off discovery? Or "live"? Never look at those.
Nat Nada review Nat Nada
No love for android users
App is poorly optimized for android phones. We shouldnt have inferior picture & video quality just because of our choice to use android. Regular phone camera app displays everything fine but snapchat seems to cut quality big time. I understand its a free app but id be willing to pay if it was better made
Myesha Levy review Myesha Levy
Snap chat
It frequently stop working for me but before it was good for me
Virginia Hughes review Virginia Hughes
Hate the new UI. I never used Snapchat for the garbage discover channels or disgusting excuse for "news" stories. Now there's an entire page dedicated to it. Additionally, I now have to scan & sift through my list of friends to watch their stories and snap them back. This process is confusing and not intuitive for me. You've added additional steps for the users to post to their story and have cluttered the UI with a cacophony of colour, icons and bitmojis. Im dissapointed in how Snapchat has priotized discover channels and advertisements over what the original purpose of the app was. Give me back 2016 Snapchat please..
Julio Mendoza review Julio Mendoza
It keeps closing saying its not working. The new update drags and doesn't let me see my friend's stories or it freezes and takes forever to load. Was a good app just went down hill after the update.
Jennalee Freitag review Jennalee Freitag
I love the app itself I think the ideals of it are great. I wish that we could continue using apps that we like the most. I feel that Snapchat is a personal app for your own personalization. I feel you'd get more thumbs up and stars if you addressed the needs of the individual snappers. If there are filters they use more often they should be able to keep them all year round. I also feel like challenges should be done too. So you can have snap challenges. It would make it better
SpirtSquirrel10000 abu review SpirtSquirrel10000 abu
I would of given it 5 but I have all ready updated it 3 times and I still have not got the cut update. Why does snapchat like ios better than android. I do understand that ios are better but why? More people have android than ios. MAKE IT SO ANDROID GET THE UPDATE AT THE SAME TIME!!! ITS STUPID! THATS WHY I GAVE IT 2 NOT 5
georgina delgado review georgina delgado
Having flash issues
I used to love it, I would use the snap camera instead of the phone one, but after the last update the flash is not working as it use to, maybe it has something to do with the newest updates please fix it,,,, and does any one else's having the same problem?????
Jose Victorino review Jose Victorino
Great app
Please add the feature to swipe back to the previous snap. Overall it's great but missing features that the iPhones have. A feature you should add is like having a button that automatically saves the entire conversation when you press it. There was an update that was pretty smart where you could choose a list of stories you wanted to watch. Props but really please improve the Snapchat video and picture quality on Android, it is just sad. It looks miles better on iPhones
Przemek DJintel review Przemek DJintel
I can't record video with face filter. When i record it, then app makes photo? But overall nice app.
Gerardo Serrano review Gerardo Serrano
Hate it. Why be lazy on this app. For God sake since Android Lollipop you have the option to take control of the Camera 2 API but you just go the lazy route and just use screen grabs for OUR posted content. We matter just as much as the iPhone matters. I read that Android was gonna be a priority. My question is when? You have taken the easy way out for far too long and it's time you guys get to coding this from the ground up to give us an app we deserve.
brad vankoughnett review brad vankoughnett
Please just change it back. Just stop. It was perfect and now it tears my heart every single time i open it and have to scroll thru 30 featured stories that i have clicked dont show stuff like this.
Nich Tan review Nich Tan
Now I have to turn on my gps function so that i can use the filters. In the past after i take a photo ot video all i had to do is to swipe left or right to get the filters but now i have to turn on the gps function to get my filters and also the grey filter is not there anymore. And now after i take a video and wish to go back go the video it would turn black n the video would be gone n i have to retake it. Please fix the problem and do not be bias against android users lol

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