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Life's more fun when you live in the moment :) Happy Snapping!

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Please note: Snapchatters can always capture or save your messages, such as by taking a screenshot or using a camera. Be mindful of what you Snap!

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mimi .me303 review mimi .me303
The new update won't work
When I try to do the rainbow thing coming out my mouth it doesn't work. And its updated and everything. My friends tried doing it the way they do it on their phones and it just won't work ?
Natasha C. review Natasha C.
These android problems tho
Update sucks and features not given to android phones is just careless. New phone? I have the Moto X Play which literally just came out, but Ive got no selfie filters and no night mode like the IPhones have. Needs a huge fix.
Danielle Ordway review Danielle Ordway
Cannot get new update
My daughters android tablet, nor my iOS can get it. Not fair to customers who use the app all the time, yet can't afford a new device!
Savannah Wiggin review Savannah Wiggin
Why are only my iPhone friend getting this update? I want to be able to use it too! You should test these things before you release it to the public.
Chavon Nichole review Chavon Nichole
I have the latest android update on my HTC Desire 816 and this new Snapchat update does NOT work .. It only works for iPhone users which is bs. Make it compatible for android users and the ratings will go up!!
Naomi Coenen review Naomi Coenen
My phones a year old!!!!!
My phone is less than a year old and its not considered a "new " phone thats bullshit. I dont get why you just keep working on it to make it work on all phones insted of releasing it too early . And trying to tell us to buy a new phone omfg i know i dont have $400 to buy a new phone. So until it works on all phones one star.
abbi quinton review abbi quinton
Newest update doesn't work
Updated snapchat twice and still the new update doesn't work and I have a Galaxy S5 which isnt an old phone. Please fix it. Gave 3 stars as the normal app works just not the newest update
Marith Anderson review Marith Anderson
Newer Devices
I got so excited about the update, only to see that I couldn't use it. This is not fair so please please PLEASE make the selfie lenses available to everyone. This is really upsetting
Kelcee Douglas review Kelcee Douglas
I can't even use it?
My Husband has the same phone I do and he can use the new update but I can't.... It's making me mad.
Shanna Edwards review Shanna Edwards
Galaxy 4s i really like snapchat. My only problem is that i cant get the new get the newest features. If you update for some it should be for all. No matter what.
Candy Guerrero review Candy Guerrero
What's the point .
I have the HTC and it doesn't let me use any of the new features.. ? what's the point of having them if we can't use them ! I would rate higher if we all could use the new features . not all of us have the money for the new phones . shm ...
elizabeth wallace review elizabeth wallace
I like snapchat but this new update deleted ALL of the videos and photos that I had saved through snap chat ??? my pics and videos of my daughter throughout the past year and a half are gone... please fix this so others don't lose their stuff!!!
kathleen sianipar review kathleen sianipar
I still can't swich cam when make video, the new update is not work for grand 2??? Hate it
Kayla Hapi review Kayla Hapi
I've got a Samsung s4 in can take a picture not a video new update sucks everyone should be able to use all parts of snapchat weather they have the newest phone or one that's old
Roberta Wright review Roberta Wright
No new update
I have a Samsung gangway note 4 and i can't vomit rainbows! Why? And now i have to pay for a replay? Not getting my money! Will rate higher when issues are fixed.