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Unlock the potential of your Aurra Water Purifier with Snaptec Connect, the companion app for Snaptec’s Aurra Water Purifiers. You can track your hydration, redeem rewards, schedule maintenance, and also monitor your billing.

> All Aurra Water Purifiers comes with overall hydration tracking so know you how much water your family consumes on a daily basis
> The Aurra Pro comes with a hydration tracker personalized to your age and gender to ensure you are hydrated throughout the day

> Earn Snaptec Points just by drinking water from your Aurra Water Purifier
> Exchange points for discounts, vouchers, and rewards from our partners and Snaptec ourselves

> Using Snaptec Watertrack technology, maintenance is done according to your actual usage
> Schedule your maintenance using Snaptec Connect with ease and convenience

> Pay for bills directly using Snaptec Connect.
> We accept all types of credit cards, FPX, and also popular e-wallets

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