Solitaire TriPeaks APK reviews

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Jade Toledo review Jade Toledo
So much fun
Keeps you engaged and wanting more
Tanya Getts review Tanya Getts
A lot of fun
I got hooked very quickly. Awesome game
Beverly Laddis review Beverly Laddis
Good game and l luv the relaxing Hawaii music!
Marvin Scott review Marvin Scott
Offers to earn points. The surveys, it in offers,Web games do not work
jerry best review jerry best
Enjoy it so far. A little disappointed that I can't use the stimulus with it though.
Shirley Goodvine review Shirley Goodvine
I really blood by his game very much I give it 4\\half star
Shana Terry review Shana Terry
GSN Solitare
Awesome game. Totally addicting. Love it. Well worth downloading. Lots of fun to play. Runs great. No glitches or anything.
loretta weigner review loretta weigner
Solitaire tri peaks
Since latest update cannot get into game. Hear background but no video just black
Karly w review Karly w
Ever since the update it always tells me to make sure I have Internet connection please fix it
Rene Morris review Rene Morris
Fun game, bit of a twist from Solitare.
michael ray review michael ray
Wont work
I have tryed to play this game and all it is doin is just showing the island not letting me play or anything
Cindy Bonner review Cindy Bonner
Different solitaire
Different type of card game, sort of a combination of several games with some extra twists.
tavaren robinson review tavaren robinson
It's a super cool way of playing solitary
elani808 review elani808
A fun way to play my favorite game
Cheryl Compton review Cheryl Compton
Great game
Love this game. Makes time pass.