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Play the #1 FREE SOLITAIRE (or Klondike Solitaire / Patience) card game on Android!

Classic Solitaire, also known as Patience Solitaire, is the most popular solitaire card game in the world. Try our BEST FREE SOLITAIRE card app, which is beautiful and fun like classic Solitaire.


♠ Beautiful graphics
♠ Klondike gameplay
♠ Unlimited free undo
♠ Unlimited free hints
♠ Option for All Winning deals
♠ Timed mode
♠ Draw 1 or 3 cards
♠ Auto complete for solved game
♠ Statistics
♠ Personal records
♠ Choose your card style
♠ Left handed mode
♠ Tablet support
♠ Portrait
♠ Landscape

Simple and addicting, Solitaire Classic is sure to bring back old memories of the days when Solitaire reigned supreme. We’ve taken the quintessential solitaire experience and revamped it for the new century.

Unlike some solitaire games that lack polish and others that add too many bells and whistles, distracting from the core solitaire experience, Solitaire Classic strikes the perfect balance both in terms of vintage solitaire gameplay and practical modern design, giving you just the right amount of options for all your solitaire needs!

What are you waiting for? This simple gem is the ultimate solitaire challenge - play Solitaire Classic now on Android for FREE!

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Solitaire! APK reviews

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Bill Lohrke review Bill Lohrke
Fun game
Tracy McDuff review Tracy McDuff
Tracy Mcduff
Cheryl Wood review Cheryl Wood
I like this app and would rate it higher if there were not so many damn ads! I would happily pay for a version without ads if such was offered. But until then, simply due to the ads, I cannot rate higher than 3 stars. Please consider doing a paid version that is ad free
shirley aloi review shirley aloi
Latest update Fixed the lag.
Scarlett Louvin review Scarlett Louvin
This is fun and my new addiction!
Gary Macleerie review Gary Macleerie
Good game for passing the time with
I'm going around and like to entertain myself
stacia ricketts review stacia ricketts
I play it every day.
Wendy Davis review Wendy Davis
Relaxing. Not overwhelming on the eyes. More like real live solitaire. No harsh bells and whistles. I have tried so many others and uninstalled them because they were over the top with flashing and automatic moves. Gives you the option to finish the game manually if it is a winning game rather than Automatically finishing it for you. Vegas options in settings allow for customization. However, I would like an option to allow the face down card only to be exposed via my prompt. automatically exposing it without my prompt is almost like cheating.
Pauline Oneal review Pauline Oneal
I really appreciate playing solitary but.the game does slow down once in a blue moon not every time I play. The one suggestion I would like to see is that we have more selection of changing the cards than what we have. An changing our back ground. I would like to Challenge others to play with me but I can't get that to show up. Can you please tell how to fix this?
It is fun and helps pass the time say when your sitting in a waiting room or in line at the DMV. I'll difinitly keep it around. Don't worry the ads are few and far between. Remember the ads are what make it free. They really are no big deal.
Deanna Beverly review Deanna Beverly
Great Game
Fun and helps pass time.
kam Johnson review kam Johnson
Update: There is now a glitch that makes this unplayable. Black pop up screen every few seconds is continuous and can't be stopped...error comes up saying "pdf cannot be displayed." It stops when I leave the app so I know it is you. I moticed it opens up google drive automaticslly s d this is unacceptable. should get that sorted if you expect anyone to run your app. It also makes the battery drain even faster (about 10% per minute). Previous: Takes up a lot of memory and data space for just being a solitaire game. It is a good solitaire though, but come on
Great app loads of fun