Solo Launcher-Clean,Smooth,DIY APK

Solo Launcher-Clean,Smooth,DIY
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The product of Solo System by NewBornTown(NewBorn-Town).
With over 100 million users worldwide, Solo Launcher is one of the Top 3 Launchers in the category on Google Play. With its array of DIY features, the launcher enables you to customize the user interface on a device so it works in the way you want. It takes up only a small amount of space yet it can boost device performance by restoring memory,run smoothly, and more fun to use.

What Can Solo Launcher Do Better Than Competitors?
- One of the first launchers that uses Material Design 2.0.
- Cleans cache to boost speed, clears storage, and saves memory faster.
- Customize your device by using any of the thousands of beautiful themes, wallpapers, and smart widgets in our collection that are fast and simple to install.
- New Locker plugins make it easier to protect your device from unauthorized users.
- Most featured launcher on Google Play.

Solo Launcher Highlights
Search for Information
Everything you want to know can be found here.
Clean & Boost
Make your device fast as lightning.
Quick Gestures
Make it super easy to use your device.
DIY with Photos
Set your photos as icons, with various effects to choose from.
Beautiful Themes
Thousands of beautiful themes and wallpapers are available for free.
Beautiful Wallpaper
Gentle click, and get new wallpapers for a new mood
Solo Now
Right slide, and see the vast of world.

Additional Features
Visualized Settings
- A smart menu for settings that helps you easilychangethe device inthe way youwant.
Smart HomeScreen Icon Management
- Automatically places frequently used apps on the home screen,helping to organize the device and making it more convenient to use.
Smart Widgets
- Customizable Clock&Weather widgets, Boost Button widget, Search widget, App Lock, Battery Saver, and more!

Beautiful Handwritten Fonts, that are cool &attractive.
Optional App Lock & Lock Screens thatcan help make your device safe and secure.
Optional Battery Saver helps manages battery consumption, reducing the frequency you need charge your device.
Weather &Clock Widgets offer you accurate weather forecasts.
Integrated Solo 2.0 Speed Booster that makes devices run smoother and faster, restore space and capacity, clean caches, at the tap of a button!

If you have any suggestions, feedback or theme requests then let us know at on our Facebook page at:
or email us at: [email protected]
Official Website:

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Solo Launcher-Clean,Smooth,DIY APK reviews

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Karilyn O'Connell review Karilyn O'Connell
I like the launcher but for some reason I am not able to get the themes to load every time I hit a custom theme it says theme applied but then the icons do not change
phraim domapias review phraim domapias
The best launcher for Tablets. This is what I've been using since then. Keep it up guys!
catur pl review catur pl
The folder is full screen.Not good if you use big screen phone
Asad Mikhail review Asad Mikhail
Hi Dear sir ?
I kindly request you please fix the menu style it's moving up and down and it looks really awful and crazy pleas Chang it. it was very good before update you can select both menu slide menu and up and down but now I can't the option in menu is just showing hide apps nothing else please help thanks. ?
It's nice but an upgraded version would be nicer
Sanya Batool review Sanya Batool
i want old version it isnt working porperly normal mode is not there .... no doubt its great but yet i want old version...
Marthin Lukas review Marthin Lukas
After the last update, nice.
vikram patel review vikram patel
Good but.....
There are normal mode is not available in updated version. ...only a to z mode available. ..
how to get vertical mode and horizontal in a to z style?
eynjel golez review eynjel golez
What the hell?
I used to love this app but after I updated it . it just doesnt work so well. Keeps on telling that its not working i have to force stop it or turnoff my phone.
Indra Zakki review Indra Zakki
Whenever i chance to other launcher, i keep coming back to solo launcher. Everything i need for my home screen is in this solo launcher.
Inbaraj Krishnamoorthy review Inbaraj Krishnamoorthy
But can't able to remove search bar in home screen
Medic S review Medic S
I wanted to like this so bad but the amount of advertising garbage that comes with it makes it unusable.
sikha barman review sikha barman
Lovely aap
I really love it
Lawrence Burch review Lawrence Burch
Removing features?
You never want to see an app remove features as it gets upgraded. I'm not the first person to complain about the tabs and categories missing from the app drawer, and I won't be the last. It was a very nice feature that was a deciding factor for me. I did a lot of research before choosing a launcher and the very first upgrade after I installed it, removed that feature. I'm still waiting for its return, sadly I think I'll have to start my launcher search all over again.