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Solo Locker (DIY Locker)
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The DIY Locker has changed into Solo Locker now!
The product of Solo System by NewBornTown(Newborn-Town).
The world’s first DIY screen locker, allowing you to lock your phone with photos. Smooth, lite, and ready to increase your privacy security.
The world’s first DIY pattern locker in the style of material design.
Solo Locker(DIY Locker) adds fun and personality to your unlocking patterns.
Solo Locker(DIY Locker) provides you with spectacular wallpapers and lock screen themes with unique unlocking styles, as well as application shortcuts to make your phone easy to use. You can even set your idols as your screen lock, so make your cell locker different right now!

Photo Passcode
You can use a photo as part of the phone's passcode

Pattern Passcode
You can use cute or cool cartoon pictures as your passcode

Passcode Style
You can customize your own passcode interface

Notifier, music player, and app quick start

Beautiful Wallpapers
More selection of wallpapers

1. 【Photo Lockscreen\9-Photos Style\Custom】edit photos of yourself as well as your idol into the code of your lock.
2. 【9 Box Style】use the cute app recommended 9 box style to customize your unlock pattern
3. 【Slide Style】DIY the text in the slide lock screen.
4. 【Love Style】photo style heart-shaped lock screen.
5. 【My Name】use your name as your own unique lock screen.
6. 【Family】make a screen lock from your family and friends.
7. 【My Love】DIY photo screen lock of your darling.
8. 【Number Style】custom the color of your number style lock screen

1. 【Widgets】lock screen widgets including date and time, quotes, timing and countdown.
2. 【Wallpapers】set wallpapers from your gallery and camera, easily choose unlock background and manage your wallpapers.
3. 【Music】automatically search local music files, and sort play list by yourself.
4. 【App Shortcuts】quick access to your frequent apps on the right of your lock screen.
5. 【Message Notification】show notifications on the lock screen and let you control it by yourself.
6. 【Lite】saves your battery and storage.

1. 【Disable】disable your system lock screen in case you have to unlock your phone twice.
2. 【Notice】please set the security question and the back up code.
3. 【Important】in order to ensure well functioning please add Solo Locker to the white list of your clean applications.
4. 【Importan】Solo Locker can only functioning in Android 4.0 or above.
5. 【Importan】please restart before using Solo Locker.

1. 【Authorize the popup windows】mi users please turn on the popup windows function before use Solo Locker
3. 【Authorize the Contacts/Messages】to show you missed calls, messages and even more notifications on your lock screen.
Please feel free to let us know if you have encountered any problem, or have advice over Solo Locker, Thank you for your support!
E-mail:[email protected]

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Solo Locker (DIY Locker) APK reviews

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mike eichacker review mike eichacker
Slide to right
Love this app i just wish they would make it to whete you can disable slide to right...for me with chubby fingers i slide to the right instead of up
Ganesh Yewale review Ganesh Yewale
nice app. due to the app mobile phone looking simply great. But it's something slow working. And sometimes goes hang.
Josephine R review Josephine R
Still able to pull the notifications down to view msgs after locking, not so pro security. Please change this and it'll be perfect. Thank you!
MaRi Alvrd review MaRi Alvrd
omg I really love it more the applock is awesome ???????? I dont need to download another applock anymore yayyyy thanks Solo Locker keep doing an awesome job the only thing I dislike is the ads when I'm in the Internet only?.?
Rachel Stibbe review Rachel Stibbe
Give me my vip back!
Spent the $5 on the vip and one day it just disappeared! I email them and screen shot my receipt, screen shot that it brought me back to not having vip, 10 hours later, I'm still where I started. Don't buy vip and save yourself $5!!!!
kevin vitug review kevin vitug
Excellent and quick customer service! Made me purchase the VIP :) oh for the future~ customize the clock location and the color that glides over the "slide" text
Lacy Croft review Lacy Croft
Love it!
How do you find the thumb print unlock?
Note Edge review Note Edge
How to disable news in lockscreen
I don't want news on lockscreen
Thonewingedangelgrl yukino review Thonewingedangelgrl yukino
Love the app but....really sick of the annoying ads I want to get rid of them but don't know how
dazzle penuliar review dazzle penuliar
It's good but..
It's a good app but why can't i change my background?
rei ayanami review rei ayanami
Easy to use! One of the best
Security is ok but not that secure. and if they add more ways for customization. It could be one of the best lockers out there. And one thing i like the most about Solo apps are having less ads and you can go as simple as you want.
Lenie Nebreja review Lenie Nebreja
Love it
Paper Doll review Paper Doll
Solo Locker.
Very good app. ;)
EravielTachibana review EravielTachibana
App sometimes intervenes with other apps
Since the new update, when I play some games (e.g. School Idol Festival, a rhythm game), the touch sometimes do not work. I've had no problems with the prev version (when it was still called DIY Locker). Hope you can look into it. For the meantime, I have to uninstall this app because this issue + rhythm games will never mix.
Love it
Love it